A state of four colours in India - a brilliant destination for summer

For those who love colours and love the move, Rajasthan - also known as the Westeros of India - will be the ideal destination for this summer.


Rajasthan, also known as "land of kings," is India's largest state, in the east, with the New Delhi capital. Rajasthan is like Westeros (a state in "Game of Thrones" movie) of India with many beautiful palaces, towering fortresses, the concentration of military forces and the long history of war. There are plenty of destinations to experience here. But to make a colour trip, you have to spot the four cities below.


Jodhpur, the “blue city”: It is not difficult to understand why Jodhpur was named "blue city". Many houses painted in blue are a sign of Balamon religion. Gradually, people in the city follow a trend that creates an impressive setting and gives life to Jodhpur, the city in the desert.


The most beautiful sight in Jodhpur is the Mehrangarh Fort. From here, you can see the entire city. The fort was built in 1460. It is like a royal palace with palaces, temples and museums. Today, part of the Mehrangarh fortification has been upgraded into a museum and luxury hotel.


Jaisalmer, the “yellow city”: Jaisalmer is located in the "heart" of Thar arid desert. This place is named after the splendour of the "golden city", by the sparkling light of the sandstone buildings surrounding the Jaisalmer fort. Guests can visit the Royal Palace and the Jain Temple or wander the intricately carved corners.


Local people often take a bath or sail on Lake Gadisar to relax in the harsh weather of the desert. The activity attracting visitors to Jaisalmer is riding a camel on the sand.


Udaipur, “white city”: Udaipur is dubbed as a "Venice" of India. There are endless high mountains, tranquil lakes and bright lights from the white houses. All bring Udaipur the name "white city".


Here, you can visit the Old Town with its destinations: City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Shiva, Ghat or Bagore-Ki-Haveli. Unlike other Indian cities, the pace of life is more relaxed. People often end up day out in the cafes or restaurants on the top floor, bathe themselves in the sunshine and enjoy the magnificent view of the palaces.


Jaipur, the “pink city”: This land has brightly coloured eyes that look into the kaleidoscope. Tuktuk and camel travel side by side on busy streets, surrounded by pink buildings, shops selling colourful spices. The scene made Jaipur really vibrant and brilliant. Pink is considered the colour of hospitality. King Maharaja Ram Singh ordered pink paintings of the walls surrounding the city to welcome Prince Albert of England in 1876.


Together with the New Delhi capital and Agra - the home of the Taj Mahal, Jaipur is the third city to create the "Golden Triangle" travel trail in North India.

By: Oralie Smith

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