9 world famous streets where everyone wants to check-in

The presence of fashion shops, food stalls or famous architectures is the reason that these nine busy streets become symbols of the big cities.


Champs-Elysees (France):

As the heart of the Parisian light district, Champs-Elysees is considered one of the most beautiful boulevards in the world. The image of the Arc de Triomphe along with the romantic trees on both sides of the road has entered the hearts of many, becoming a beautiful symbol of France. Each month there will be an "none-vehicle" Sunday in the Champs-Elysees, making this city a walking street for locals and visitors to enjoy this delightful space.


Chuo (Japan):

In Tokyo's busy Ginza district, the "shopping street" of Chuo is the stopping point for all visitors. This street is full of fashion shops, restaurants, cafes, galleries ... with top brands in the world. At the end of the week, Chuo becomes a bustling walking street, allowing travelers the chance to wander around the bright neon lights.


Broadway (USA):

The main route in the north-south axis in New York, Broadway is translated from Brede weg in the old Dutch. At the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue is the famous Times Square, one of the most attractive destinations in the United States that every visitor wants to check-in.


Khao San (Thailand):

Bangkok's bustling streets are full of popular inns, cafes, bars, restaurants, massage parlors, travel agents, bookstores, tattoo parlors which meet the needs of visitors. At night, you can experience life here on tuk tuk, enjoy unique street food from insects or try to pay for the purchase of clothing.


Royal Mile (Scotland):

The Royal Mile is the highlight of Edinburgh's old town quarter. Strolling along this road is the best experience to see the main, iconic attractions in the city such as Edinburgh Castle, Holyroodhouse, St Giles Church, Scottish Parliament... The annual festival here is also an opportunity for visitors to enjoy themselves in the extraordinary performances, full of improvisation of street artists.


Orchard (Singapore):

Visiting Orchard, one of the most famous shopping areas in the world today, you will hardly imagine the past of this place in the 1800s, surrounded by plantations of pepper and orchard. Surely travelers will have to take the time to explore Orchard when traveling the beautiful island of lion.


Stradun (Croatia):

Featuring baroque-style buildings, Stradun is the main street in the "no car" Dubrovnik, one of the most attractive cities in the Mediterranean. Set between the two magnificent arches of Ploce and Pile on the east and west sides of the neighborhood, Stradun is a must-have place for fans of the “Game of Thrones” movie, as some scenes have been filmed here.


Chandni Chowk (India):

Located in the oldest and busiest market in Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk will surprise many tourists by the strange chaos, but accurately reflects the typical rhythm of a densely populated country like India. Here, you can find everything from spices, dried fruit, jewelry to the attractive street food.


La Rambla (Spain):

Stretching over 1 kilometer in the port city of Barcelona, La Rambla is hailed by the famous Spanish poet, Federico Garcia Lorca as the only way in the world that he wishes it would never end. The cool shade of trees here helps calm the harsh heat of Catalonia.

By: Roxana Edwards

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