9 of the most magical pink sand beaches around the world

Some places in the world own rare pink sand beaches, attracting many visitors to check-in.


Horseshoe Bay Beach (Bermuda): Named for its distinctive curving shape, Horseshoe Bay is one of the most famous beaches in Bermuda, the North Atlantic. In addition to the unique pink sand beach, the beach also has beautiful limestone cliffs and many services, facilities such as rescue workers, rental of water sports equipment.


Elbow Beach (Bermuda): In addition to Horseshoe Bay, Elbow Beach is another beach of Bermuda's wild pink sand. Coral reefs off the coast make this beach fewer waves, so this is a great option for swimming. If you are diving into the sea for live coral reefs, you will also have the opportunity to see impressive shipwrecks and colorful fish.


Spiaggia Rosa Beach (Italy): Located on Budelli Island in Italy, the Spiaggia Rosa beach is magical pink thanks to a mixture of coral, granite, and shell of the marine life. Having appeared in “Red Desert” movie (1964), the beautiful setting of Spiaggia Rosa can only be admired from the nearby beaches, due to regulations that help protect the precious color of this beach.


Elafonisi Beach (Greece): Located on the Crete Island-Greece's largest island, Elafonisi Beach boasts the virtual pink sand beach with turquoise blue water. At Elafonisi, you can explore deserted beaches and cedar forests. July and August is an ideal time for tourists to visit Elafonisi.


Pantai Merah Beach (Indonesia): Also known as Pink Beach, Pantai Merah is a prominent pink sand beach on Komodo Island, in Indonesia's Komodo National Park. The special color of Pantai Merah is formed by the red pigment remaining on the surrounding coral reefs. On the Komodo Island, guests can dive, watch coral, kayak or watch the wild Komodo dragons.


Pink Sand Beach (Bahamas): The Bahamas Federation is located between the North Atlantic, Florida (USA) and Cuba. Spreading nearly 5 km on the Bahamas’ Harbor Island, the Pink Sand beach has a striking color due to the shell of tiny pink polyps. When you step foot on the sand here, you will feel a special feeling from these polyps.


Pink Sand Beach (Philippines): Pink Sand Beach with a stretched sandy beach is a prominent feature of Great Santa Cruz Island, southern Philippines. One can only reach the island by boat. The clear blue water is suitable for scuba diving. Great Santa Cruz also has a notable small village, lagoon and mangrove forests.


Pink Sand Beach (Antigua and Barbuda): Barbuda island of the Caribbean owns an impressive 27-km-long dramatic sandy beach. To Barbuda, visitors not only enjoy scuba diving or swimming but also have the opportunity to explore the rainforest, caves and Frigate bird sanctuaries.


Pink Sand Beach (Tahiti): Tahiti is the largest one of the Polynesian islands of France in the Pacific Ocean. It's about an hour's flight from Papeete, the capital of Tahiti. Here you can dive, kayak or go fishing. The Tikehau Lagoon is home to species such as starfish, white striped sharks, turtles, and dolphins

By: Gitta Russell

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