9 noteworthy things to take a safe taxi

Checking taxi phone number, finding a taxi station or holding your bag is one of necessary things to keep in mind when taking a taxi in strange places.

Finding a taxi station


You can find a taxi parked on the street sidewalks in any country. However, this may be unlicensed vehicles.

Meanwhile, even if you do not know the local language, you will still be well aware of the taxi station. This place is reserved for taxis licensed to carry passengers, which means they are safe.

Find similarities of taxi


Look at the taxi where you go to see its color, logo and shape even if you do not need to catch a taxi in a hurry. This will help you to recognize the real taxi. Sometimes, the fake taxi is used by criminals to rob your money, especially late at night.

Checking the phone number


In any country, most taxi companies want to advertise, so a legitimate taxi usually has the phone number on its body or its door. A taxi without a telephone number is not a safe option for you, unless you have inquired and know that all the taxis are there.

Knowing where you are going


You can use Google Map to make sure your journey is going right and safe. The driver can use some shortcuts, but do not let them want to go anywhere. You can just check on the map and just ask about the route they choose to go.

Holding your bag tight

Always place your handbag at your side or at your feet to prevent you from jumping out of the taxi. Make sure you do not forget to leave the handbag in the back seat.

However, if there are no valuables in your handbag and you are being pursued, leave them to escape faster.

Finding the doorknob


The suspicious taxis will not have a doorknob in the passenger compartment. If you have to take these cars, you will be sure to lose because there is no way to escape.

Requesting to view driver’s card

If you feel suspicious, you can ask to see the driver's employee identification card. In Bolivia, fake police uniforms and badges are sold everywhere. The bad guys bought the costumes and pretended to be the police to take you in the taxi. When coming to a deserted location, they work together to loot your valuables.

Be careful when sharing the taxi with strangers


Today, when sharing taxis with others to reduce costs becomes commonplace, the bad guys take the opportunity to trick visitors.

The taxi will stop at a place to pick up another passenger along the way, which is actually a complicity in fraud.

Calling someone in case of emergency

Do not forget to bring your cell phone. If you find yourself in a suspicious car, call for help quickly. You should keep a local emergency number available, and see the signs on the road to see where you are. Always ready to get out of the car to escape.


By: Mithrine Smith

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