9 beautiful spots for a different viewpoint of Africa

Many often refer to Africa with poverty and disease that forget that the continent also has the countries and the cities as beautiful as other famous destinations in the world.

Cape Town (South Africa):


Cape Town is a dynamic, colorful city with the second largest population in South Africa. The city is home to the South African parliament building and other important government agencies.

Cape Town is famous for its large seaport on the Atlantic coast, playing a vital role in international sea transport. The city is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes such as the Cape Plant Kingdom, Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope.

Essaouira (Marocco):


Essaouira (former Mogador) is the ancient city of Marocco, located on the Atlantic coast, known for its peaceful natural beauty, ancient towns, and cultural activities. The old town of Essaouira is a popular place to be filmed in Hollywood movies. In addition, Essaouira has a mild Tagharte beach, which is referred to as "Santorini of Africa".

Mozambique Island:


This romantic island is located in the north of the Republic of Mozambique. This is a small town about 3 km long, was an important trading point of Portugal when occupied Mozambique. Mozambique Island was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991 for its impressive historical buildings, intertwined with Portuguese, Arab and Indian cultures.

Cairo (Egypt):


Cairo is located near the Nile Delta, preserving many ancient Egyptian remains. Cairo is the largest city in Africa with an area of 214 square kilometers, also the largest city in the Muslim world. The population of the city is about 13 million. This is known as the " City of Thousand Towers" with huge pyramidal buildings dating back thousands of years.

Luxor (Egypt):


Luxor is located in southern Egypt, the capital of Luxor province. This city is always busy, crowded with thousands of visitors every year. Luxor preserves many ancient Egyptian stamps with the tombs of the Pharaohs, the beautiful Karnak temple, the Hatshepsut temple attracting visitors who love to explore the history.

Zanzibar (Tanzania):


Situated just off the coast of Tanzania, the historic island of Zanzibar owns many beautiful white sand beaches, thousands-of-year-old houses. Peaceful island with winding alleys leading to the sea, local markets, ancient Sultan Palace. Stone Town in Zanzibar was considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lamu (Kenya):


Lamu is a beautiful coastal town in Kenya. You can spend hours walking around the beautiful alleys of the Old Quarter or relaxing at Shela Beach. In summer, this is the perfect place to relax, enjoy the beauty of the sea and enjoy the specialties of the locals.

Windhoek (Namibia):


The capital of Namibia is a beautiful city no less than the ancient capital of Europe. Windhoek owns beautifully painted buildings, bearing European architectural style. Wandering through Windhoek’s downtown, visitors will be fascinated by the gentle pace, peaceful life here. The city is opposed to what people think of Africa as a poor, backward continent.

Djenné (Mali):


The Djenné town is one of the oldest lands in Mali. This is where Adobe architecture with mud brick houses, most notably the large mosque built in 1907. In the south of Djenné is Djenné-Djenno, an ancient town close to the Sahara. Djenné and Djenné-Djeno were recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites in 1988.

By: Mithrine Smith

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