8 rememberable things to have a more complete trip to Bali

8 rememberable things to have a more complete trip to Bali (Indonesia) will really be a tourist paradise this summer if you memorize the 8 following notes


1. Choose West Bali for surfing and East Bali for scuba diving:

Surfing in Bali is the world famous tourist experience. You should choose the west coast of Bali as Kuta to enjoy the amazing waves here.


Meanwhile, the tranquil water area of East Bali is well suited for scuba diving, snorkeling or swimming goggles.


2. Rent a motorbike to travel:

Although it is difficult at first, especially if you are not used to traffic jams in the city centre, cheap motorbikes are the right choice for you to explore Bali freely. Be sure to check the gas tank, and do not forget the helmet.


3. Do not Miss Gilis:

The archipelago of three Gilis islets off the west coast of Lombok, less than two hours by boat from Bali. To save money, you should choose a public boat to go to the island, instead of a private speedboat.


Go to the "paradise" of Gilis, ride around the beautiful white sand beaches here, or swim in the clear blue water with the tropical fish and lovely turtles.


4. Watch the fire dance at Uluwatu:

The traditional fire dance can be performed everywhere, but there is no better place for you to experience this by the temple on the top of Uluwatu ancient cliffs. , located in the southern Bukit Peninsula of Bali.


5. Health Care in Ubud Ubud:

It is not only a traditional cultural centre of Bali but is now the centre of a comprehensive health care movement. You can do yoga at The Yoga Barn, or visit The Seeds of Life restaurant to enjoy fresh foods and detox foods.


Here, you can also walk through the famous terraced fields, visit Monkey Forest, or raft along the beautiful river- Ayung.


6. Eat “the whole world”:

You can enjoy many delicacies in Bali - from traditional grilled pork named babi guling to the cuisine of many other countries.


If you go to the Gili Trawangan night market, try the large freshly baked shrimp that are caught from the ocean. Do not forget the Indonesian Gado Gado salad with vegetables and boiled eggs.


7. Be cautious about money:

Try to use an ATM if you can. Avoid moneychangers, because if you make mistakes or carelessness, they can easily make a big profit from you and change less than the deal. If necessary, you should calculate and check the amount yourself.


8. Learn to bargain for most things:

In Bali, there are usually prices for local people, and rates are for tourists. If you are smart, you can bargain for. Even services that seem to have fixed prices such as hotels or tours, you are still flexible to negotiate.

By: Roxana Edwards

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