8 polluted destinations that might ruin your trip

Some of the famous tourist attractions with amazing landscapes are places with bad air quality, which can adversely affect the trip as well as the health of visitors.


Agra with the famous Taj Mahal mausoleum attracting thousands of visitors every day, is one of the world's leading air polluted spots. The mist in Agra can prevent visibility so most of the time visitors could only see the contours of the giant mausoleum. In addition, cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta are also places with poor air quality. Photo: Getty.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Historic fortresses and skyscrapers are the reason that draws visitors to the financial center of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. However, dust storms and toxic exhaust fumes may reduce visibility as well as affect the work ability the work ability of the lungs, making visitors unable to enjoy a complete trip. Photo: Andrew V Marcus / Shutterstock.


Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles is the place with worst air in the United States due to ozone pollution, and California is home to many cities with low ratings for air quality. Car exhausts, rare rainfall and frequent forest fires in recent years have resulted in low air quality, which is considered unhealthy for sensitive groups. Photo: Pulling and Pulling / Shutterstock.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

South America's third largest city, Buenos Aires, can be dense with fog and dust on hot summer days caused by emissions from diesel-powered cars. According to the World Health Organization, the city's air quality is poorer than Los Angeles’s, and slightly better than in Paris’s. Photo: Ictsd.


Beijing, China

The capital of China is known for the crowds using masks while moving on the road alongside buildings equipped with modern air purification systems. Here, the air quality is so low that its air quality index is often over 400, and sometimes even exceeded the maximum index - 500. Photo: Odysseytraveller.


Paris, France

One of Paris's efforts to improve air quality and reduce vehicle emissions is the ban on the use of older models manufactured before 1997. In addition, public transport in the city is also free on dust days to encourage people to restrict using their personal vehicles and use the subway. Recently, lawmakers have even proposed permanent free movement of public transportation to improve air quality. Photo: Getty.


Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is famous for its fascinating natural wonders and special religious sites, attracting tourists around the world. However, the bustling capital of this beautiful country is facing high air pollution. Air quality in Bangkok can be dangerous, especially for children. Photo: Pradit.Ph / Shutterstock.


Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, is one of the world's most polluted destinations. In the capital of Nigeria, poor transportation and electric power systems, special geographic location (near the equator), and the intense sunlight have exacerbated the problems of pollution and dust, causing health issues for residents. Photo: Unsullied Bokeh / Shutterstock.


By: Peter Baker

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