8 jobs that help you make money while moving

If you want to travel and make money at the same time then why don’t you pursue 8 jobs below?

1. Tour guide 


Sharing your city you’re living is also an exciting start to the guide's profession. If you have enough confidence, drive a group of strangers to explore the streets, explore the local culture and make them feel welcome. Moreover, not only travel in the country, guides also have many opportunities to go to foreign countries when they become skilled. 

2. Travel Blogger or Vlogger 


To get paid for traveling is really hard, but if you are the one who likes to write, photograph or film, then try. Should start this work with passion of travelling and desire to share it! 

3. Flight attendant 


With about 30 to 50 flying hours per week, whether flying near or far, meeting passengers and crew from around the world and being allowed to fly on the flight... are all good points that flight attendant brings. However, you need to consider that you will have to eat aviation food regularly, and other specific difficulties when pursuing this job. 

4. Social worker 


When it comes to travel, people often think of a leisure activity. But for many people, tourism is more meaningful because of helping the community. We go to contribute my skills, raise awareness of refugee life with media, society and donors. 

5. Translator or interpreter  


If you work in government interpreting departments, tourist support rooms at foreign embassies, international translation companies or businesses. You will many opportunities to go everywhere. 

6. Archaeologist or explorer 


The biggest difficulty you have to face if doing this job is where you explore is often far away. And you will have to dive in the mud or wilderness for eight hours a day. In return, you will have a deep knowledge of history, nature and live in harmony with nature. 

7. Hotel Inspector / Photographer 


Accommodation companies such as Airbnb and Sawday's have many places to be photographed and tested. If you get this job, you will have trips, meet many homeowners or live around the world and take pictures of the hotel room you stay back. 

8. Freelancer 


Freelancer will be your own boss, make your own money and decide yourself whether to accept or reject any project. Because of the flexibility, this work does not tie the work environment or living space of a person, however, it requires competence, determination and broad knowledge. Jobs suitable for freelance workers can be freelance writer, journalist, graphic designer, photographer or video maker. 

By: Gitta Russell

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