8 important things to remember for your first trip abroad

Your first trip abroad is an exciting journey, but it also entails a lot of risk if you do not have a good preparation.

Inform the bank about your trip

Why is it important to inform your bank when you travel abroad? Because without prior notice, when you make a transaction using a Visa Card to pay and shop for trips, the bank will consider it an abnormal and suspicious transaction, which will result in your card being locked. It will be extremely inconvenient when the card cannot be used properly. To be sure, change some amount of money in foreign currency, split it and put it in different places to be able to be initiative in every situation.


Buy an international charger

It is a nightmare if your phone, laptop, or camera is out of battery when traveling without being able to recharge, just because the outlet is not compatible. The solution for you is to find out in advance about the socket of the country you visit to buy a charger accordingly. If you are too confused with different types of sockets, it is best to buy a Universal Travel AC Adapter Charger to not miss a nice photo.


Watch the weather forecast

Before you prepare your luggage, you should take a look at the weather forecast for the travel time in that country to prepare your suit. It would be a disaster if you bring summer clothes and when you arrive, the weather is extremely cold. In addition, you should also prepare other essential items such as umbrella, wide brimmed hat, boots...


Prepare medication and food

Foods in the new country may not match your taste or digestive system. So, make a few extra choices in your overseas travel suitcase such as instant noodles, candy, milk... to never get hungry. Also, do not forget to bring special medication if you are sick. And even if you are not sick, you should also bring extra medicine for common diseases such as allergies, vomiting... You will be grateful for your thoughtfulness sometimes because the purchase of drugs abroad can also be a huge problem if the drug seller can’t speak English or if you can only purchase the drug with doctor's prescription.


Check your passport

Make sure you always check your passport before booking air ticket. Many countries require passports to be valid for at least 6 months before departure. In addition, you should also keep a copy of your passport and other important documents in a waterproof bag in case the original ones are lost or stolen.


Get vaccinated

Some countries will require you to get vaccinated against some special diseases before entering their country. To ensure your health and others’, you should consult your doctor as well as prepare thoroughly about this issue before the flight.


Buy travel insurance

This is what many people often overlook. However, the insurance will help you earn some money back if something goes wrong, such as luggage, flight delays or health problems. Even if you have to pay a small amount in advance, travel insurance will save you a lot of money.


Learn about the culture

Each country, each land will have different cultures, customs and habits. Therefore, finding out the differences will make your trip much more convenient. Researching on taboos, appropriate dress or learning some basic local communication will help you avoid unnecessary dilemmas.


By: Archie Henderson

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