8 attractive destinations for solo travelers

If you do not have a companion to go with, go to these places and you don’t feel alone anymore.


Yachts in the Mediterranean:

Yachts for young people from 20 to 35 years old usually have many tourists travelling alone. This is also a good opportunity to meet friends, as people share bed bunk beds. Boat trips around the islands in Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Italy and the Caribbean. You can visit the harbours, the local coastal villages, and the historical attractions. In addition, you also have the opportunity to experience water sports such as windsurfing or boat racing.


Wild Safari in South Africa:

This is an exciting adventure experience for young people who love nature. This scenic and hunting activity is usually held at the Makuleke Concession - part of the vast Kruger National Park in South Africa, or in the Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana. Here you can directly see many kinds of wildlife such as lions, leopards, elephants and rhinos.


Pilgrimaging to Santiago de Compostela in Spain:

Camino Francés is a popular pilgrimage route, but Camino Primitivo, the oldest pilgrimage route, is also a suitable option for lonely people. The 311 km of the Cantabrian Mountains is a real challenge, but within the last 100 km, you can conquer it with guidance.


Swimming in Slovenia:

This is also an attractive experience for those who want to travel alone, especially with the "otters" love swimming adventure, adventure. Rivers and lakes in Slovenia will bring you many underwater challenges. You can swim on the lush and charming Bled Lake and stop for a rest in a small island on the lake - where there is an ancient church from the 17th century, or soak up the majestic Kozjak Falls. You can also swim on the Soča River, or conquer the length of over 4 km of Lake Bohinj - the largest lake here.


Weekend food in Turin:

Another schedule designed for those who like to travel alone is a gastronomic experience to Turin, the "chocolate capital" of Italy, and also the original of “slow food” trend which is considered a counterbalance to fast food.


Taking the Trans - Mongolian from Moscow to Beijing:

Passengers traveling alone are common on long - distance Trans - Mongolian trains. Many Russians, Mongols, Chinese, including Westerners, choose this safe route. If you go alone but do not want to be alone, this is a good opportunity to meet many different travelers on the train with you. You will be amazed at the amazing scenery on the 5,000-mile journey for nearly a week.


Climbing hills and mountains, biking and kayaking in Vietnam:

From the very beginning of your trip, you have a very active schedule. In Saigon, you can go cycling to visit the famous Cu Chi Tunnels. Hue and Hoi An will also bring this biking experience with lots of fun. To Mai Chau valley, you have the opportunity to roam around the picturesque villages. Finally, you will join in kayak sailing in the sunset setting on the magnificent Ha Long Bay.


Kiteboarding in Morocco:

Essaouira is a cool town on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. With strong trade winds, this place has perfect surfing conditions, especially from April to September every year. There are always packages for beginners to surf the kiteboard, which usually consists of about 12 hours of study. However, you should have a basic VDWS certificate.

By: Judith Edwards

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