7 ways to live like a backpacker

Just try to rent a motel, eat on the sidewalk, cook yourself and use cheap service without a 5-star hotel, you can experience somewhat the lives of backpackers.

You can take a long tour of a well-known travel agency, enjoy sea views and spend the most on a luxury yacht or move from continent to continent by plane. But if you are a travel lover, you should experience the backpacking style once.

You may not sleep in the luxurious hotel, do not bathe in the large sink with a fine wine glass next door but it will be the best experience you ever have. But if for some reason you can’t do that, there are ways to experience the feeling of backpacking.

Staying in a motel


"Paradise" for their sleep are simple motels, simple dorm. It could be a room with 10 bunk beds, shared kitchen and shared space with many other visitors.

At such dormitories, visitors have more opportunities to participate in group activities, get to know new friends and have more interesting experiences.

Traveling without a plan


Usually before each trip, you always plan clearly where to go from, where to go, what to travel or which restaurant to find good food.

Take that plan aside if you want to be a backpacker. The only thing you should do is prepare the papers and then take your backpack and start going away. Remember that you will go without any plans for what you are going to do today, no idea where you will go and who to go with. Simply go there and experience unexpected surprises.

Traveling alone


Going alone, you will have the opportunity to meet and know more people because you are free to take the initiative in your journey. You do not need to arrange in advance, wherever you want, as long as you like. Also, you can eat anything that looks good, make decisions right away and constantly change things. You will easily meet someone or see something that gives you new inspiration. That is backpacking.

Visiting places where you have never been in


Nervousness and the unfamiliarity of everything is the feeling that only someone first explores a new place. Those emotions will not be possible in a simple, understandable and predictable land as if you live there.

Managing the expenditure tight


You do not need to save excessively when traveling. Depending on your ability to pay, you can spend money on a luxury hotel if you wish, or book a cruise with first class ticket or take a taxi instead of public transport. But that's not how a dusty traveler usually does. The dusty tourists are not people having little money, but simply they want to minimize the excess costs.

Choosing cheap transportation


You can go from north to south by plane or from one country to another by modern means. But try traveling by car, train or motorbike. It will definitely bring you an enjoyable experience.

Eating street foods


Although the street foods are cheap, they also have the same taste and high quality as dishes in restaurant. Some countries consider street foods to be an attractive factor for visitors.

Try to wander once on the street markets, gastronomic streets, sit on the small bench next to some other visitors and experience this special feeling.

By: Stephan Swift

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