7 ways to explore the beautiful Malta

Malta is a beautiful island nation located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.


Here are some typical outdoor activities that you can take part in when visiting Malta island nation. 



To discover Malta, it is best to discover by boat. There are two options to choose: buy a manned boat tour or if you want to explore freely, you can rent a boat and drive yourself to comfortably travel, surf the waves. Mid-May is the time when Malta is flooded with ships of different shapes and sizes. 



With this modern form of swinging rope, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the blue sea and majestic mountains with many different colors. 

Rather than a boat ride along the seafront, zipline will give you a glimpse of Malta's sights on a different, more majestic and beautiful view. 

Try the 150m fastest Migra in the outskirts of Rabat, if you want to get a bit more adventurous and more challenging then try zipline in Valletta, the capital of Malta. 



Although trekking is not on the list of priorities for Malta, but if you want to explore the island in a separate way, you should still take the time for trekking the beautiful roads here, especially explore the ancient Roman road dating back 2,000 years. 

The best time for trekking is in the spring, when Malta wears the most beautiful natural outfit. 

Water sports


When you arrive in Malta - the island is in the middle of the cleanest of Europe, remember to join scuba diving to see the very rich ecology that nature has bestowed this place. 

If you want a more novel experience, kayaking or windsurfing will be a great choice. Many beaches in Malta rent kayaks for € 5 an hour. 

Jumping into the sea from the cliffs 


If you are looking for a thrilling adventure game, St Peter's Pool on the south side of the island will be an indispensable destination. 

There are also many natural pools surrounded by beautiful white powdery cliffs - where local people gather to swim and hold barbecues. 

Riding a bike 


The best time to take a bike tour around Malta is in the spring, when the weather is cool and pleasant. 

If you are a professional rider, should not miss the tour of the majestic coastal road but equally risky to test your riding skill. 

Malta has plenty of places for you to enjoy riding while enjoying the beautiful scenery on the road. 

Driving Jeep 


The Malta tour by Jeep is a particularly popular activity, creating a very youthful and romantic atmosphere for this island. You can rent a car and drive yourself to explore the island's scenery or join a Jeep Safari tour. 

By: Roxana Edwards

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