7 unique facts you could only find in Croatia

Let's explore the interesting facts not everyone knows about Croatia, the country famous for an excellent team in the 2018 World Cup.

1. The country has enjoyed a lot of sporting success but "poor" public sports services


Not only famous for football stars, Croatia also owns many famous names in the world such as Goran Ivanisevic - former professional tennis player, Janica Kostelic - the greatest ski female athlete of the era, Drazen Petrovic - famous basketball star who made Croatian sports brighter in the international arena.

This impressive sports success makes the world imagine a country full of facilities, great sites for professional athlete training. However, the fact is that Croatia only has a few small stadiums in the country. Nearly every city in this Eastern European country has no public pool. Most schools in Croatia do not have adequate facilities for sports.

2. People are not "friendly" with tourists


The nature and value of the 1,244 islands are the pride of Croatia as well as the noteworthy thing with tourists around the world. Tourism accounts for more than 20% of Croatia's GDP. With rare natural scenery, people of the world always expect Croatia as an ideal destination for tourists.

In many cities, many potential tourism development projects have been halted because of fears of disturbing the peaceful life of the people. The Croatian felt that they would be happier if the tourists simply deposited money envelopes for them and... at home.

3. Experiencing the unique “Game of Thrones” tour


The Dalmatian Sea in the Zadar ancient city is home to many classic movie footages of the “Game of Thrones” hit series. It is in this city in the Roman era that international visitors will have the opportunity to experience unique tours inspired by the film itself.

 croatia-4 croatia-4-4

There are two options for fans of “Game of Thrones” to explore Dubrovnik, the jade of the Adriatic Sea or Croatia's oldest city- Split.

A footage in "Games of Thrones"

You should be prepared for good health to explore the ancient architectural treasures of nearly 2,000 years, the Roman arena, the thousands-years-old churches, ancient towns, oasis around the sea as beautiful as the dream, etc.

4. The place that invented the tie


croatia-6-6 croatia-6-6-6

This interesting fact is when coming to Croatia, many visitors may discover more interesting things. The elegant tie combined with modern men's shirts originated from the scarves of Croatian mercenaries from the 17th century.

By 1886, tuxedos and elegant bow tie for men were born. The bow tie on the shirt collar is varied from the legendary knot of the tie.

Croatian people choose the 18th of October as the anniversary of the birth of the tie. This unique device immediately attracted the French aristocracy and became a new fashion item in Paris and Europe.

5. Honoring famous writers even about 50% of the population do not read books

Croatians are very proud of the famous writers in their country. Many places, streets and streets are named after Croatian writers. But in the latest research, nearly 50% of Croatians have not read a book in five years. This raises heated debates about the proposed reforms of education for Croatian students.

6. Owning Zlatni Rat beach "transformed" by the wind


Zlatni Rat beach is also known as Golden Cape, located in Bol city, south of Brac Island in Croatia. The white crescent-shaped beach never retains its shape when it changes color continuously in tide and weather. An erratic sea breeze can make this beach automatically "bend" into many unique shapes.

7. Without much attention to science and education, Croatia still has many famous scientists in the world

During their long journey, Croatian scientists have contributed to humanity's many inventions although most of these scientists have to study abroad.  “Crazy” Nikola Tesla, born in Croatia, has also devoted his life to science. The inventor was in America during his study and research.


In the 21st century, Croatian scientists also have to go abroad to accumulate knowledge and experience, to gain more success in their field. In Croatia, the state budget cuts much for education. Citizens are still waiting for whether the educational reform program under consideration is being adopted by the new government.

By: Mithrine Smith

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