7 stunning hidden gems around Europe

From Greece's Asos, France's Riquewihr to Spain's Cala Figuera, there is nothing better than an ideal vacation in Europe's most beautiful gems.



If you want to escape from the crazy daily routine, do not hesitate to make a plan to explore the dreamy Asos on the Greece's Kefalonia Island. From Kefalonia Airport, after an hour of driving to Asos, you can explore this historic 500-year-old village.

Enjoying the clear water and the peaceful atmosphere, or sipping a few sips of local wine, tasting Greek cheese while strolling around the vineyard are truly great experiences you should never miss.



There is no surprise when the French and tourists from all over the world regard Riquewihr as one of the most beautiful villages in France. This medieval city is located in Alsace, famous all over the world with its architectural features that remain intact over many centuries.

Tourists not only admire the lively beauty in every corner of the street, but also love the passionate wine here. On the way to visit the villages of Alsace - where the finest wine bottles are born, you can see the wonderful scenery of the French countryside...



Located in Liguria, Bogliasco is an incredible hidden gem of Italy. This small town of less than 5,000 people is a must-see destination for those who want to escape from the hustle life to find a peaceful place.

To enjoy one of this amazing Italian destination, you can explore Portovenere or Vernazza, visit the immense vineyards to reward yourself on a boat trip.



Cala Figuera is always in the list of the most beautiful places in the Balearic Islands, a worthy pearl of Spain. This wonderful destination is always favored by artists and tourists from all over the world, who love to find wild, quiet beauty.

Here, you can enjoy exciting recreational activities such as snorkeling, coral diving, wine tasting in some bars and trying indigenous "tapas" dish.



It must be said that Polperro is the ideal destination for those who want to breathe the fresh air of the sea. If you like going back in time to the past, explore the traditional Cornish fishing village. If you are passionate about art and have an aptitude for painting, this breath-taking village would be an endless source of inspiration.

And what if you can't draw? It's okay, this place has plenty of galleries selling beautiful Polperro-inspired paintings.



"Undredal", in addition to being the name of an Ikea's bedroom interior collection, is also the name of a small village near Flam, the hidden gem located two hours of driving away from Bergen.

The interesting is that although there are only 110 residents in this village, Undredal has more than 500 goats. Here, goat cheese is one of the main sources of income. You can get to the nearest airport, Sogndal or book a hotel in Bergen and rent a car to come and explore the cuisine of Undredal.



Zaandam is an image of a classic Dutch land. This European dreamland with beautiful villages lies in the middle of interwoven canals, working traditional factories or sleeping windmills.

From the center of Amsterdam, it takes about 30 minutes to meet some rustic villages like Zaanstad like Zaandijk or Zaandam. Coming here, you can also explore the Zaanse Schans, visit the famous A'DAM tower and the classic symbols of this country – the windmills.





By: Quinn Abrams

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