7 notable things for your first trip to the Philippines

The Philippines is an attractive destination in Southeast Asia. Traveling to this country is easy, but keep in mind 7 following things for a perfect trip.


1. Unsafe country:

The Philippines is known to be a place where people security is not guaranteed. Although there are no dangerous cases for international tourists, you Should be careful when traveling, explore this country. A number of cases involving violence and theft occurred occasionally in some remote areas south of Mindanao and some major cities. Therefore, first-time visitors to this country need to be aware of any problems to ensure a better trip.


2. Follow the weather forecast:

The Philippines is constantly suffering from the "anger" of nature, especially the typhoon. This makes many visitors anxious to come here. The island nation has four separate climates, you just need to follow the weather forecast before the trip. If you plan to visit Manila, you should limit to the rainy season from July to September, but this time it is dry season in some other provinces.


3. Flexibility in the schedule:

When visiting the Philippines, you should be flexible because the schedule may change. The running time of the boat is unstable due to storms, floods, and natural disasters. Therefore, you should be flexible in planning for activities. The peak season falls on New Year and Easter, travelers will hardly book at this time. Boat tickets can be purchased at the pier.


4. Karaoke singing is a "national" pastime:

Karaoke singing is very popular in the Philippines. Guests can freely join with the people here and do not hesitate to sing. Filipinos do not appreciate the voices of others, but they are very enthusiastic to help you integrate with the local culture.


5. Extra charge for a taxi during peak hours:

In other countries, it is common and popular to travel by taxi and pay the right amount according to the distance meter. However, in the Philippines, drivers usually require you to pay a small amount of money from $ 1-2 if you move at peak hours. Do not hesitate or coincide with the driver if you do not want to fight the bad and ruin the experience of the trip.


6. Coming late to keep polite:

Arriving on time is considered unfriendly and impolite in communication in the Philippines. If an indigenous person invites you to dinner at 19h, you should arrive at 19h15, late for about 15 minutes is a reasonable time to keep polite.


7. Hotel rooms are not expensive:

Many people who come to the Philippines for the first time may choose to stay at the homestay to save money. However, hotel rooms in big cities such as Cebu or Manila are available and not expensive. You can choose homestay or hotel depending on your needs.

By: Kalen Jonas

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