7 most beautiful private island resorts in Asia-Pacific

Blue sea, rich flora and fauna, high-class service, isolated position... these private islands in the Asia-Pacific region is always the dream destination of many.

1. Bawah Reserve, Indonesia


Indonesia is a vast island nation with many paradise resorts and Bawah is one of them. Near the island is the Bawah Reserve. Room rates include all services such as spa, yoga, meditation and water sports... except for alcoholic drinks and diving.

2. Haggerstone Island, Australia


At the end of the Great Barrier Reef is Haggerstone Island. Haggerstone Island Resort was built by Anna and Roy Turner 30 years ago with small bungalows decorated interestingly. A private plane of the resort will take you to Haggerstone Island. The main lounge along the turquoise coast will welcome you with cold drinks and fresh seafood. House Mawu is the most impressive villa with 2 bedrooms, a living room with fireplace, kitchen and a penthouse for children.

3. Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia


Song Saa Private Island is the only luxury resort on Koh Rong Island of Cambodia. An Australian couple built a resort when they discovered the island 13 years ago. Song Saa Private Island consists of 27 rooms built of wood, stone and bamboo; a gym; a spa and a restaurant overlooking the sea. You can dive and sail on the sea around the island.

4. Nihi, Indonesia


Nihi is one of the most luxurious resorts in Sumba Island of Bali. This 537-hectare resort includes the Nihi Oka spa, outdoor activities such as hiking around the island, surfing, scuba diving, table tennis, movie theaters, horse riding. After a On a full day of activities, you will stay in a rustic villa with large bed and large corridor overlooking the Indian Ocean.

5. Turtle Island, Fiji


This 500 ha resort only accepts guests over 18 years of age. After flying seaplane to Turtle Island Resort in Fiji's Yasawa Islands, you will be greeted with traditional songs, wine and warm embrace from the staffs. Turtle Island has a complete list of outdoor activities for you, as well as collective dinners and cultural activities.

6. Picnic Island, Australia


Australia's Tasmania has beautiful landscapes and plenty of vegetation. Five wooden and bronze cabins overlook Freycinet National Park and the nearby Wineglass Bay. The resort only takes 10 guests at a time. You can see many strange animals around the campus such as penguins, whales, dolphins and seals depending on the season. Picnic Island is also an ideal place to walk with green grass. You can also request more activities such as fishing trips or yoga classes.

7. Amanpulo, Philippines


Amanpulo is one of the most luxurious destinations in Phillipines. To reach the Pamalican Island, you will travel from Ninoy Aquino Airport by Amanpulo's private aircraft. 42 resort houses are built around the area, which have 1 to 4 bedrooms, a private swimming pool, sea or forest view, a private butler and chef. Leisure activities include scuba diving, tennis, walking and spa.

By: Roxana Edwards

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