7 famous shipwrecks for exploration enthusiasts

Giant ships lying beneath the ocean or drifting with the water are witnesses of historic tragedies, and at the same time, tempting spots for exploration.


SS Baron Gautsch, Rovinj, Croatia

SS Baron Gautsch was hired by the Austro-Hungarian Army to transfer troops in World War I. After about a month of use, the ship crashed into a minefield outside Brijuni Island. Estimatedly, 240 to 390 people were killed in the shipwreck. Today, the ship is located at a depth of 40 m off the coast of Rovinj and is the most famous diving destination in the Adriatic. Photo: Antonio Bronic / Reuters.


SS Maheno, Fraser, Australia

SS Maheno was originally a normal ship that was later converted into a hospital ship during World War I. After the war, the ship was sold to Osaka, Japan for scrapping. However, in 1935, a tornado caused the ship to drift to Fraser and become a rust shipwreck as it is today. Photo: Shutterstock.


Centaur, Moreton, Australia

Centaur was an Australian hospital ship torpedoed by Japan in 1943, during World War II. Only 64 of the 332 people on board survived after the 35-hour sea rescue. The shipwreck was found in 2009. Photo: Bruce Long, File / Pool / AP.


Panagiotis, Navagio, Greece

Panagiotis was a smuggled cigarette and wine ship, which stranded on the Zakynthos Island of Greece in 1980. There are many assumptions about why the ship appeared there, for example the ship hit a rock during the storm, was chased or simply had some technical problem. Today, this shipwreck is a popular tourist destination and can only be reached by boat. Photo: Turtix / Shutterstock.


Titanic, Nova Scotia, Canada

Titanic, which was considered as one of the most luxurious and safest ships ever built, collided with an iceberg and sank off the coast of Newfoundland, during a trip from Southampton, England to New York in 1912. This drama took away the lives of over 1,500 people and was the inspiration for the famous Hollywood blockbuster “Titanic” starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. After more than 70 years, the shipwreck was found in 1985, at a depth of more than 3,800 meters, 650 kilometers from the east of Nova Scotia. Photo: Reuters.


Gribshunden, Ronneby, Sweden

Gribshunden, the ship born at the same period with Columbus's Santa Maria, is considered to be the most intact medieval ship in the world. The ship encountered a fire and sank off the coast of Ronneby in southern Sweden around 1495. On board, they even found a wooden water monster, which was supposed to stop the evil spirits. Photo: Johan Ronnby / Reuters.


Dimitrios, Valtaki, Greece

The ship was used to smuggle cigarettes between Turkey and Italy. Until now, the reason of Dimitrios’s accident remains unknown, and possibly the ship was abandoned at a port in Gion, and then drifted to the Valtaki beach in 1981 and has stayed there until today. Photo: Shutterstock.

By: Cole Guthrie

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