6 picturesque railways that make you take the train right away

Many people are willing to spend time on these trains just for sightseeing.

It is certain that traveling by plane is always comfortable and saves quite a bit of time, especially when traveling between locations tens of thousands of kilometers apart. But going to the plane also means that you will not be able to see the roadside view at close range. At that time, trains or high-speed trains will be the best way to meet the demand for sightseeing.

In addition to the quality of service and safety of trains, many railway lines in the world are also famous for beautiful journeys along both sides of the road. Let’s take a look at 6 railway lines below:

1. Tokaido Shinkansen railway line, Japan:



In Japanese, Shinkansen means "new train route", which is also the first high-speed train line of Japan and the world. According to Lonely Planet travel magazine, the super-fast speed of the Shinkansen comes with almost absolute safety. When the train goes south, you will see Mount Fuji on the right and a forest of shibazakura flowers on the left. This is a great opportunity to see this famous flower at close range.

2. Jungfrau railway line, Switzerland:



The Jungfrau is the most high-speed train station in Europe with a height of over 11,000 feet. The Jungfrau railway line will take you across the Aletsch glacier, one of UNESCO's world heritage sites. The Jungfrau Railway operates year-round, but if you want to get on the train for sightseeing, it is best to go in the spring.

3. Grand Canyon railway line, USA:




The Grand Canyon is a famous American canyon. To explore this majestic natural wonder, you can choose trains to go along the huge cliffs of the Grand Canyon. Traveling by train will help you feel the immense space and the majestic caves here. This rail line departs from Williams of Arizona to Grand Canyon National Park.

4. Nederlandse Spoorwegen railway line, Netherlands:



The train departs from Haarlem to Leiden, Netherlands. Most tourists on this train line go to Keukenhof garden to see tulips blooming from the middle to the end of April every year. Of course, the Nederlandse Spoorwegen railway also passes through the beautiful tulip fields.

5. Amtrak California Zephyr railway line, USA:



After departing from Chicago, the train travels through Iowa and Nebraska to the Rocky Mountains. Next, the train will pass through Sierra Nevadas National Park and the final stop is in the San Francisco Bay Area. On this railway line, you will see the spring mountains with green and lively vegetation.

6. Belmond British Pullman railway line, England:



This railway line comes from Victoria station, London. With a classic design, the Belmond British Pullman train passes through the beautiful countryside of England. It is also considered one of the most beautiful railway lines in the world in the winter. Especially, on Christmas, New Year or Valentine's Day, this train line is always out of tickets.

By: Mithrine Smith

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