6 odd jobs in US hotels

The US hospitality industry has created many jobs that are hard to find in other countries. These unique jobs create the mark of the hotel in the business.

1. Trainer guiding to being a mermaid


Get out of the noisy world outside, visit Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego (California) for an afternoon of being a mermaid. You will be entertained in the pool with brilliant tunes and listen to the mermaid's voice in the 45-minute underwater session.

The training session is full of vitality with a combination of swimming and breathing exercises. It's the perfect way to keep your body healthy while away from home.

2. Trainer teaching dog surfing


Although many hotels around the world cater to upscale dogs, but only at Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego, California, the hotel offers "four-legged guests" the opportunity to explore surfing with the help of a surfboard instructor.

You can register for a training course for puppies who are familiar with surf boards before learning how to surf in the real Pacific. At the end of the course, all “pupils” will be rewarded with grilled beef and salmon.

3. Duck keeper


A hotel owner who loves poultry, having a job as a duck keeper is no longer a dream. And for those who want to enjoy their stay with a duck flock, The Peabody Hotel in Memphis (Tennessee) is a good place to book.

Every day, the staff of the five North American ducks here will march around the resort, take a stroll down the red carpet, take a bath in the hotel's fountain, and be groomed at the Royal Duck Palace. At the same time, the Peabody Hotel restaurant is one of the only French restaurants in the world that does not serve duck in the menu. The ducks are friends, not the food here!

4. Truffle dog trainer


Lagotto Romagnolo from Northern Italy is often referred to as the Truffles, probably because they are capable of sniffing the truffles very well.

And if you love this breed, the Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee, has a full-time coach who teaches his "four-legged staffs" extremely expert in sniffing truffles. Truffle is famous for being the world's most expensive and rare mushroom.

5. Employee cleaning the sunglasses


For those who do not mind cleaning their sunglasses, there will be an employee at the Four Seasons Hotel in the Lanai Archipelago (Hawaii) whose only duty is to serve the guests cleaning their glasses.

6. Staff serving BBQ grill


Guests who enjoy barbecue grills will be able to make friends with the barbecue staffs at The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds on Oconee Lake in Greensboro, North Carolina. Hotel staff will go to each guest house by the lake, cook a delicious culinary feast and even teach you how to grill if you want. The guests can choose from three different service options including: All-American Cookout, BBQ Pit Master and Grilling Enthusiast.

By: Orlie Jonas

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