6 interesting things about the beautiful Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a popular tourist destination with temples and mausoleums located along “the Silk Road", the oldest route of international trade in human history.

Not only is the nature here diverse with rocky mountains, vast deserts or steppes but Uzbekistan also makes you overwhelmed with ancient cities such as Rome or Babylon, which were once the major centers of science and culture. Following are some interesting things about Uzbekistan. 

1.The legend of “the Silk Road" 


Uzbekistan is located on the "Silk Road" between China and mysterious West Asia. The largest cities on the oldest route of international trade in human history such as Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva are always attractive destinations for tourists. This is a tangible world heritage that is recognized by UNESCO and carefully preserved. 

2. The oldest culture in the East 


Being on the Silk Road have made Uzbekistan one of the oldest and most vibrant cultures in the East. Architectural buildings, works of art, even dances and traditional costumes of Uzbekistan are all very characteristic and unmistakable. 

3. Termez - The place of seclusion 


Termez is a little-known secluded city in the south. It was once one of the Greek cities during the reign of Alexander the Great. The city also has Fayaz Tepa monastery and a Buddhist wonder with its walls covered with a straw layer. In addition to Buddhism, the Christian and Greek cultures also flourished in Termez before fading because of Islamic culture. 

4. Samarkand – The heaven on the planet Earth 


Samarkand is a 3,000 year old city located at the crossroad of the legendary Silk Road. This place is like a paradise with the great development in the era of Timurid. The heart of the city is Registan Square. There are magnificent mosques with pearl domes, mosaic murals and artistic shapes decorated with the vibrant colors through the ups and downs of history. 

5. Shah-i-Zinda, the world's most mysterious and inimitable architectural necropolis 


Shah-i-Zinda means "living king" based on the legend of Kusam-ibn-Abbas, the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad. This is one of Central Asia's most famous monuments, located in the northeast of Uzbekistan. The ensemble comprises three groups of structure: lower, middle and upper connected by four-arched domed passages locally called chartak. The earliest buildings date back to the 12th century. Mainly their bases and headstones have remained now.

6. The cleanest subway system in the world


The Alisher Navoi subway system, Tashkent, is one of the world's cleanest systems. Alisher Navoi, one of the three main domes of the Uzbekistan subway system, is sophisticatedly encrusted with the Islamic style.

By: Christina Baker

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