6 hot spots to discover in Rio de Janeiro

Enjoying tropical South America, natural scenery, vibrant street life, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most popular and famous tourist destinations in Brazil.

Cristo Redentor Statue


The famous religious statue of the city of Rio de Janeiro is the Cristo Redentor relief statue on the 700 meters high Mount Corcovado, heading towards Guanabara Bay. It is also one of the top tourist attractions, not to be missed once in Rio.

Guests can take a train, car, taxi or cable car. However, you should experience by train to admire the scenic landscape of the Tijuca Forest National Park. In 2007, the statue was named one of the 7 New Wonders of the World voted by New7wonder.

Carnival Rio Festival in Sambodromo


The Carnival is a street festival filled with music and dazzling samba dances. In particular, the Rio Carnival is best known for its colorful and vibrant samba dancers. Organized annually at the Sambodromo in Rio, the samba parades of the famous dance schools in Brazil are at the centre of the festival.

Every February, Carnival Rio Festival is the most anticipated activity for foreigners in the beautiful Rio city.

Maracana Stadium


Not only is the world's largest and most famous stadium, which regularly hosts major sporting events, the Maracana Stadium is also one of Rio de Janeiro's most famous and popular destinations.

Inaugurated in 1950 when the 4th World Cup was held in Brazil, Maracana was the pride of the Brazilians in general and Rio de Janeiro in particular. The stadium has a capacity of nearly 200,000 people, but after many renovations, the number has dropped in half. Currently, Maracana is mainly used for football matches between the big football clubs in Rio de Janeiro.

Copacabana Beach


As the most beautiful beach, the most famous and the high-class resort of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana Beach, is 4.5 kilometres from the hotel, with white sand and blue water in front of the modern high-rise buildings. This is the largest city in Brazil.

Coming to Rio de Janeiro's most famous tourist and resort destination, you can swim, sunbathe, participate in beach sports activities, take a walk or go shopping, watch a movie comfortably.

Sugarloaf Mountain


Sugarloaf in Rio is also known as Portuguese name called "Pão de Açúcar". This mountain is located in the city of Rio, in the Guanabara Bay overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at an altitude of about 396 m above sea level.

You can use the cable car to explore the mountains, view beautiful scenery with the panoramic city on the coast, surrounded by romantic mountains. At the top of the mountain, there are many restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, and many benches for visitors. This is where you can watch the sunset fade over Guanabara Bay.

Guanabara Bay


In 1502, Portuguese explorers docked at Guanabara Bay. They mistakenly thought it was a river. It was January, so they named Rio (river) and Janeiro (January) put together into Rio de Janeiro for the city. The name Guanabara Bay was translated quite poetic: "The chest full of vitality of the sea". In addition, Rio is nicknamed Cidade Maravilhosa - wonderful land. On a cruise on the bay, visitors immerse in Rio's modern buildings such as the 13.2-kilometer long Rio-Niterói pier, Fort Santa Cruz, and the panoramic views of Santos Dumont Airport.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian


This church has a unique and modern architecture, designed by architect Edgar Fonceca, built between 1964 and 1979. The church has four huge gates, with a length of about 64 m and hundreds of colored glass windows. Located in the heart of the city of Rio, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian is architecturally like a pyramid in Egypt. The church can accommodate up to 20,000 people and is a religious site that attracts foreign tourists visiting the city.

By: Oralie Smith

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