These 6 behaviors are said to be “impolite” in Europe

Some actions and words can be very normal, even meaningless in other continents but in European, they become less polite.

Europeans are famous for their politeness rules that have been established over the centuries. They can pinpoint exactly when to wear a winter coat, which color shirt should be combined with blue tie, the etiquette of a cheery kiss, and how to tie a scarf in the summer.

Confusion between "The Netherlands" and "Holland”

Dutch people will feel uncomfortable if you confuse the two names. "The Netherlands" is the official name and part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, while "Holland" only includes Noord - Holland and Zuid - Holland, which are two of the twelve areas in west of the Netherlands.

The origin of this confusion is that the "Holland" area was once the important economic and political center of the land of tulips and windmills. The two regions are populated and the largest cities in the country including Amsterdam, Rotterdam or the Den Haag.

Ordering pizza with pineapple in Naples, Italy


Naples is home to the pizza, which serves the original and traditional pizza line. With hundreds of flavors and unique variations around the world, pizza is one of the most popular dishes of Italian cuisine. However, from the viewpoint of the people of Naples, only two basic types of pizza really make up the history of this dish.

One is "Pizza Marinara", covered with tomato sauce, mint leaves, garlic, basil and pure olive oil. The other is "Pizza Margherita", with mozzarella, basil and tomato making three main colors- white, blue and red. Therefore, requesting a pizza with pineapple, butter, corn, shrimp, chicken, or anything else in Naples is considered "trampling" on the holy ground and the self-respect of people here.

Not turning on the headlights while driving in Finland


According to Finnish regulations, all traffic must turn on headlights at all times. Car headlights are always on when in the road, whether in winter or summer, during the day or at night.

Laughing without a reason in Russia


Many foreigners often comment that the Russians are not laughable. Indeed, Russians rarely smile at strangers and they just smile to their friends and relatives. So when you arrive in Russia, you should not laugh at strangers on the street, on public transport or at the supermarket.

No queuing in the UK


Britain people love to line up. This behavior appears spontaneously as part of their genes, deepening people's minds as a manifestation of British justice and courtesy. Britain people can patiently queue for hundreds of people in order to buy concert tickets without any fences or fixations. Therefore, in order not to take the "contempt" of the British, visitors should patiently lined up and wait for their turn.

Let’s talk louder and they'll understand


As the popularity of English in the media, film and culture has led many to mistakenly believe that "the whole world understands this kind of language. In fact, not in any European country people understand and speak English. In addition, people will have more sympathy and a sense of fun when visitors speak their language. Therefore, visitors say a sentence slowly, loudly and clearly so that listeners can understand, which is the wrong thought and is said to be "stupid".

By: Scarlet Johnson

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