5 dangerous cities that are not for traveling alone

There are many dangerous destinations and are not friendly to foreign visitors. If you intend to travel alone to these five cities, think again.

Caracas, Venezuela


With constant political unrest and violence, the US State Department warned US travellers to stay away from travelling to Venezuela, including the capital of Caracas. The situation has become so bad that some airlines have stopped flying to Venezuela.

According to the Foreign Ministry's warning, political unrest and protests often led to escalating violence between protesters and police. Protests often led the police and security forces to react strongly by using spicy gas, faucets, and rubber bullets.

In addition, there are also gangs that incite violence, smuggling and murder. Before planning a trip to Venezuela, visitors should be prepared carefully and be very careful to keep yourself safe.

Bogota, Colombia


The vibrant capital of Colombia, Bogota is an industrial city located in the centre. Known for producing some of the world's most beautiful coffee and flowers, thousands of Americans visit Bogota every year to study culture, volunteer work and travel.

However, this is also one of the most dangerous destinations for Western tourists. Terrorist organizations, drug cartels, and armed street gangs appear regularly throughout Colombia.

Visitors to Colombia should be cautious because of the violence, drug trafficking, crime and abduction that occur in some rural and urban areas. Make sure you have a safety plan and an emergency number for assistance when needed.

Mexico City, Mexico


Every day, over 150,000 people cross the border between the United States and Mexico legally to visit family and friends, meet partners or travel.

Mexico is a popular and accessible destination for many travelers. In this city, however, there are many violent incidents aimed at visitors traveling alone such as robbery, assault and even abduction.

Women traveling alone are advised not to use public transportation at night because of the tendency of gangs to harass. In addition, Mexico city has high levels of air pollution.

New Delhi, India


New Delhi is an international city that attracts visitors from all over the world. They come here not only for travel but also for business opportunities.

However, one of the greatest dangers for visitors to New Delhi is sexual assault, especially for women. Both the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the US Department of State warned of this. Not only visitors from these countries but also from Denmark, Germany and Japan, have shared sexual assaults in India. Women who come to New Delhi are advised to be particularly careful and preferably go into groups.  

Jakarta, Indonesia


The city of Jakarta is the choice of travelers looking for an exciting holiday in the tropics with a unique culture.

However, the potential risks in Jakarta can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, terrorism and abduction of foreigners are two major problems that travelers need to know when they arrive. In addition, Jakarta is also an area prone to earthquakes and tsunamis due to its unique geographic location.

By: Judith Edwards

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