5 certainly must-visit streets when traveling to Singapore

You can easily verify the cultural and religious abundance when visiting the famous streets of the Merlion nation.

Since Stamford Raffles arrived in Singapore in 1819, laid the first bricks for a busy commercial port, the country has spent 200 years of volatile history to become a top-level country.

The richness of culture and religion has made Singapore known to tourists as one of the few countries with the most diverse colors and styles in the world. You can easily verify this when visiting the famous roads and streets of this beautiful nation.

Orchard Road

Whoever you are and where you come from, this is the place to be in every journey of exploring Singapore.


Orchard is considered the most famous, glamorous shopping street in Asia, with a multitude of fashion and merchandise brands throughout the 2.2 km length.


Busy intersections of vehicles and pedestrians in Orchard can make you think of Tokyo's Shibuya. Orchard is the mirror image of Singapore, turning itself from a small road with fruit gardens over 150 years ago to become a shopping paradise for all brand believers.

Haji Lane


If Orchard Road is glamorous and flamboyant, Haji Lane in the Arab area is a picture with completely different colors. Haji is a small street with Singapore's famous fashion shops and creative crafts.


Different colorful walls and shops are also great backgrounds to check-in.

Serangoon Road


As the backbone of Little India, Serangoon road can make you think you are in India because of the color and the scent of this country.

Sri Veeramakaliamman is located at 141 Serangoon Road, the oldest and most visited temple in Little India.


Many Indians will come here to celebrate on Sunday. If you walk to other paths near Serangoon, you will be surprised to admire the Indian paintings or just enjoy at Mustafa, where sales of discounted goods with all kinds of items.

The streets of Chinatown


Lonely Planet, the world-famous travel book, said about Chinatown that while Singapore's Chinatown could be a more boring version than itself of the past, temples, heritage centers and the bustle of the bar restaurant in that area today made every visit worthwhile. It is an ingenious praise for one of the most iconic areas for diverse culture in Singapore.

You can find Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple, Buddha Tooth Relic, Thien Hau temple, Fuk Tak Chi temple (oldest in Singapore and now an open museum), Al-Abrar mosque or Methodist churches within a few hours of walking.

Bugis Street

Located not far from Orchard Road and Little India area is Bugis Street, the largest street shopping district in Singapore.


Bugis Street is crowded during the day and is particularly bustling at night. Hundreds of shops and eateries are intertwined in an area bearing color of India, China and Malaysia.


Bugis is near 2 subway stations and bus stops so visitors and shoppers can access quickly and easily. Before coming here, you need to make sure you have enough money to avoid feeling regretful when you have to ignore the items you like.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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