4 exciting things to discover in Israel

Jerusalem Market attracts visitors with the typical souvenirs of the God’s land. However, if you do not make a bargain, you will be overcharged from the first item.

Bargain in the market

On our journey to Israel, we had the opportunity to visit two famous markets: Carmel Market in Tel Aviv and the old city market of Jerusalem. Although many items were attached with price tags, we were told to bargain before buying. Because if we had not bargained, you would have bought 3 or 4 times more than the actual price.

If you do not have experience, you will  be overcharged from the first item.

A wool scarf in Jerusalem old market was priced at 150 shekels (equivalent to 45 dollars). However, after a bargain, the shop owner agreed to sell for 50 shekels per scarf.

On our way to the Dead Sea, we had the opportunity to take a photo shoot at the Sea Level mark. If you only take photos with the mark, you will not be charged. However, if anyone takes a picture with a camel standing here, they will have to be charged $ 10. If you ride on a camel, you will pay up to $ 20. However, after a bargain, the price may fell to $ 5-10 per shot.

Always bring your identification

Security issues are very important in Israel. When you are in crowded places like the bus stop, train station, shopping center, your bag will be checked by security personnel. Even your pants pockets could be checked.

In areas with security staff at the gates, checking your wallets and pockets is a must-do thing. Therefore, you must always carry your identification such as a passport.

Israeli police stopped a man’s car to check on the streets of Tel Aviv.

Israelis are very friendly

Israelis love to talk to foreigners. Most Israelis can speak English, beside the Hebrew language. Because Israel is a multicultural community, one can speak several languages.

Israelis are very open, you can talk to them all the time. In the photo, three men were singing  and ready to talk to tourists on the Tel Aviv coastline.

When a Jew speaks with you, they will ask where you come from. Which city are you from? Do you like the weather today? If you can not speak Hebrew, you can reply in English.

Drink recycled water and eat plenty of vegetables

In Israel, water is considered "white gold" because of the very low rainfall. If living in Israel, you will drink filtered water from waste water. Currently, Israel can recycle 75% of its waste water into drinking water, agricultural and industrial water.

Israelis save water whenever possible. Therefore, people are taught not to let water run continuously when brushing teeth or bathing too long under the shower.

A typical breakfast in Israel with cakes, milk and vegetables.

An Israeli meal often has many dishes and each is placed on a small plate. At breakfast, the Israeli people often eat familiar dishes such as salads, cheese, olives, Israeli breads, fruit juices and coffee.

By: Christina Baker

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