4 countries that women should not visit alone

These places are always on the tourist blacklist of many people, especially women, due to the poor security and political instability. Sometimes, it is because they simply forbid women.

There are countries in the world where females should visit at least once in their lives like Switzerland or Montreal, Canada. And there are also places where women should not visit even once. Because of the religions, customs and poor security, women are advised not to travel to there, especially to go alone to avoid possible incidents.


It requires all female visitors entering the country to have a guardian, possibly a husband or a relative, to pick up at the airport. Even from 2010, that women come to Saudi Arabia alone has become more difficult than going to the moon.


If you do not comply with this rule, you may be arrested. It is not advisable to hire someone to be your guardian because the police and the authorities here always keep eye on you. Even indigenous women are not allowed to freely travel without being accompanied by a man.


Sexual harassment and theft in public places have become hard-solving problems in the country. Although local authorities have taken many measures to prevent these social evils and protect tourists but many, most of them are women, say that they "do not want to return" this place. Traveling with friends and relatives does not make sure the complete safety for female visitors. When traveling to India, women are advised not to go out in the evening.


There are many Hindu temples there, however, most of these temples do not allow women in their menstrual period to enter. Indigenous people say that the women during menstruation are not clean and will stain the sanctuary. In particular, the Haji Ali Dargah Temple, Mumbai completely forbids women to enter.



Governments of these countries advise travelers to come in groups or with travel companies. Women should avoid the deserted areas and getting too much attention by wearing jewelry, using expensive phones ... In addition to insecurity, this place is also where the epidemic Zika outbroke, so visitors must equip themselves with knowledge as well as medical supplies to avoid spreading the disease.



Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Kenya ... are in a period of political turmoil and constant war. Travelers, especially women, are advised not to go to these places for safety. Not only that, these countries also suffer from the lack of necessary supplies, even clean water, electricity and the internet.

Advices for women traveling to these above countries.

- Choose tours from reputable travel companies, or go with a group of friends.

- Learn the places that should and should not go to.

- Prepare the clothes that are suitable to each country.

- Avoid attention by not wearing jewelry and using expensive technology equipment

- Make emergency telephone numbers available.

- Learn the reputable taxi companies.

- Minimize contact, information exchange or talks with strangers.

By: Christina Baker

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