4 beautiful islands in the Pacific that you may not know

Maldives or Hawaii is so well known, the cost of tourism is so expensive. If you are interested in discovering strange lands, please refer to the following suggestions.


Saipan mysterious pearl:

The same US territory in the Pacific but Saipan not as famous as Hawaii. This place is considered the mysterious pearl of the United States when it brings in its beautiful wild beauty. This is also a paradise for those who like to explore the ocean.


Saipan has a tragic past when during World War II, 55,000 American, Japanese and civilians were killed in the US occupation. Today, dive tourists can catch many sunken warships and tanks around the island. If you are interested in this historical slice, you can find out through the movie named “Windtalkers” (2002).


Another historic site is Suicide Cliff, an 800-meter cliff where many Japanese soldiers jumped down to suicide after the lost battle.


Today's Saipan is famous for its white sand beaches and the ancient culture of indigenous Chamorro people. Thanks to the mild climate, visitors can come here any season. To get to Saipan, travelers must apply for US visa. Eva Air (Taiwan), Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air (Korea), Philippine Airlines (Philippines) are the airlines that operate flights to Saipan.


Bora Bora paradise resort:

Bora Bora belongs to the French Polynesia archipelago in the Pacific. The centre of the island is the peaks of Pahia and Otimanui - the ruins of a half-mountain off, surrounded by a lagoon and a "fence" of reefs. From the plane, you will be overwhelmed by the blue waters highlighting the vast ocean.


A "speciality" of Bora Bora is a beach hotel - small rooms, simply arranged in accordance with nature. Especially the floor is made entirely of transparent glass, allowing visitors to enjoy the lively view at the bottom of the ocean.


Enjoy the tropical fish while snorkeling around the coral gardens or Tupitipiti; watching sharks eat and swimming with turtles, rays at the Lagoonarium are appealing experiences for animal lovers. End your day with a delicious meal at one of the fine French restaurants on the island, then sip a tropical cocktail under the sky with many stars.


To Bora Bora, you must have a French visa to enter Tahiti (the largest island of the Polynesian Islands) before reaching Bora Bora.


El Nido Dragon Island:

El Nido is known as the Philippine Dragon Island, with over 50 beaches and mysterious lagoons hidden in the rocky mountains.


With divers, El Nido will be one of the most desirable destinations when thinking of Philippine island tourism. The blue water, rich marine ecosystems, colorful coral reefs fascinate any soul.


El Nido is the most affordable route from December to May. Daily, there are direct flights from Manila to El Nido, but expensive. Instead, you can fly from Manila to Puerto Princessa - the administrative centre of Palawan, and then take the 5-6 hour bus to the island paradise.


Cook Islands:

This archipelago is named after Captain Cook who had found the island in 1770. The Cook Islands were initially occupied by the British, followed by New Zealanders, later the indigenous population voted for it to become an independent nation since 1965. Today, Cook Islands are a self-contained parliamentary democracy in a free coalition with New Zealand.


Rarotonga, the largest island of Cook Islands, is a mixture of rocky mountain ridges plus pristine forests and wide white sand. About 45 minutes flying to the north, Aitutaki Island owns one of the world's largest coral reefs and a variety of reef systems. In addition, the coffee plantations and grains to make beer will take visitors deep into the cultural journey of indigenous Polynesia.


To the Cook Islands, you have only 3 flights from Australia, New Zealand or the USA.

By: Stephan Swift

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