24 hours in Oslo, Norway

To avoid the heat of summer should we go somewhere? Try a visit to Oslo, Norway. You will definitely love this place.


If you have never been to Oslo, plan ahead to go as early as June, July is the best time to explore. When summer arrives, the forests become lush, offering beautiful scenery for the hustle and bustle of hurried sailboats crowding into the fjords.


Oslo is no longer an unknown city between Stockholm and Copenhagen. The riverbank in Oslo has been revitalized with modern architecture blowing a new life into the city, making it extremely attractive.


Walking points:

Starting at Aker Brygge, a paved walkway runs alongside shops, restaurants, bars and an old shipyard.


Art lovers can not miss Astrup Fearnley Museum of Contemporary Art and sculpture garden with a winding path.


At the harbor, you will see the Akershus Fortress, which is a Renaissance-style mansion. Visit museums if you are interested in medieval or World War II history, or explore the surrounding area and enjoy the natural surroundings.



Although quite far from the city centre, Vigeland Sculpture Park is a must-see tourist destination. The Norwegian sculptor - Gustav Vigeland - he has innumerable thoughts and reflections on human life. That was transmitted through the works.


212 bronze and granite sculptures depict every level of emotion from the anger of the infants to the old people who are contemplating. At the heart of the park is a 14m high rock, which represents the desire to touch the divine things of man. Visitors should take the time to continue to admire the sculptures and walk the entire length of the park to the solar clock. The relief carving four persons and the child is locked together in a circle representing eternity and harmony.


Oslo Opera House is located in the Bjørvika neighborhood in the city centre. This is home to the National Opera and Bale Awards. But you do not have to go inside. The roof of the Oslo Opera creates a flat surface, making it a large square. Visitors like coming here on sunny days, when everyone is free to walk up the steep slopes to the rooftops and admire the panoramic view.


Must Enjoy:

A short walk from the city centre to the east of the river is the outskirt of Grunerløkka city where there are many cafes, restaurants, bars and shops left over from the remnants of Oslo's past industry. Inspired by the great European gastronomy, the Mathallen coastal shopping district has over 25 restaurants that are sometimes confusing.


Vippa is a new street food bar and market, famous for its panoramic views. Vippa brings the culture and inspiration into the dish thanks to cultural harmony. It recruits both immigrants and aspiring young entrepreneurs in the Norwegian culinary culture.

By: Stephan Swift

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