24-hour trip to St. Petersburg, where 7 World Cup matches take place

With only 24 hours, you can climb 300 steps of the St. Isaac's Cathedral to see the city, visit the Peterhof Palace and enjoy the night in Nevsky.

Krestovsky Stadium in St. Petersburg Petersburg has hosted seven matches in the 2018 World Cup, including the first match on 15 June (Morocco - Iran).


If only a day in St. Petersburg, in addition, to enjoy the peak match, you can still satisfy the appropriate schedule. Here are the suggested activities for 24 hours in this city.

7h - 9h


Morning is the best time to enjoy a cup of coffee in the city centre. One of the famous St. Petersburg is Nevsky, where there are many restaurants and cafes to choose and enjoy breakfast.

Go to Singer Cafe, where you can order coffee and breakfast, just watch the Kazan Cathedral and the beautiful French restaurant Du Nord opening 24 hours a day.

9h - 12h


 St.Petersburg-5 St.Petersburg-6

Once filled with energy for the morning, head to the city's main museum, State Hermitage. The morning is ideal for avoiding the crowds and you have up to 3 hours to explore the museum. The State Hermitage is one of the most famous and widespread museums in the world. The collection of artefacts in the museum includes more than 3 million works of art in the world.

The ticket to the museum is 700 RUB, free for all visitors on the first Thursday of every month, from May 18 to December.

12h - 14h

If you are looking for a good lunch, go to Dachniki, a traditional Russian restaurant, which is great for enjoying a lunch like the locals. It is also near the Palace Square and State Hermitage Museum so you can walk.

After lunch, continue to visit St. Isaac Cathedral more than a kilometre away and climb 300 steps of the church to see the city from above. This is a place that gives you a panoramic view of St. Petersburg city. The church also functions as an art museum with hundreds of paintings and sculptures. Entrance ticket is 250 RUB. St. Isaac Cathedral is open daily except for Wednesday every week.

14h - 18h


This is a suitable time to explore the Peterhof Palace, an unforgettable address in St. Peterhof. Peterburg. The complex of buildings, fountains, gardens of this palace is like the "Versailles of Russia", set up by Peter the Great.

The palace is about 30 km from the city centre, so it takes you about an hour to get there, and two hours to go sightseeing and take photos. The ticket is 1,000 RUB per person, the palace closes on the last Tuesday each month.

18h to late


After visiting the palace back to Nevsky street in the city centre, take some time to enjoy St. Petersburg in a relaxed way. There are many restaurants and bars in the street to choose from. You can go to Gogol, a famous restaurant with traditional Russian dishes such as pelmeni (Russian dumplings). The restaurant is housed in a 19th-century building.

Alternatively, you can go to the Biblioteka - a place that is both coffee shop, restaurant, bar and even a flower shop; or Yat - a cozy place with a menu of favorite Russian dishes. To find a nice drink, go to Russian Vodka Room No1 and enjoy the famous Russian wine.

By: Judith Edwards

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