20 of the world's most attractive gastronomic cities

The cities of the world don’t only attract tourists by beautiful scenery or long history, but also by attractive and diverse cuisine.

New York, USA: The city impresses with dishes from 94 different countries around the world. Guests can enjoy typical cuisine of Salvador, Trinidad, Peru, Senegal, Belarus, Bangladesh, Laos, etc.

London, England: The city serves typical dishes of 89 different countries. Indian cuisine is the most chosen while Sri Lankan, Malaysian and Myanmar cuisines are also popular.

Toronto, Canada: City restaurants serve food from 73 countries around the world. The most popular choices are bacon, horse meat.

Chicago, USA: This is not the most famous food city in the United States, but Chicago has a very diverse menu with dishes from 66 countries in the world such as Latin America, Poland, Mexico and Italy.

Paris, France: Traditional French dishes are croissants, vegetable soup and onion soup. In addition, the light capital also serves cuisine according to the taste of 65 other countries.

Melbourne, Australia: Immigrants from Mexico, Japan, Spain, Vietnam, China... have contributed to the diversity of Melbourne cuisine. In this city, you can find dishes of 64 different countries.

Berlin, Germany: Not only famous for local dishes like curly biscuits and curry sausages, the capital of Germany also serves the specialties of 64 other countries.

Dubai, UAE: Cuisine in Dubai is a combination of Iranian, Lebanese and Arabian flavors. It is also considered a global food center, featuring dishes from 64 countries around the world.

Los Angeles, USA: The food in this city is diverse and cheap. The guests can enjoy dishes from 61 countries such as South Korea, Cuba and Mexico.

San Francisco, USA: The restaurants in this city cater to the specialties of 60 countries around the world. You can also choose local dishes such as biscuits, brandy and sour bread.

Montreal, Canada: This city has a diverse culture and cuisine, with dishes from 58 different countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Thailand, Turkey and New Zealand.

Tokyo, Japan: In addition to traditional Japanese cuisine, the restaurants in Tokyo also cater to specialties from 58 other countries around the world.

Boston, USA: The city of Boston is famous for its traditional New England dishes such as stewed fish and cream cakes. In addition, it also serves dishes of 57 other countries.

Sydney, Australia: After enjoying local food like bread and vegemite, the guests can also taste the flavors of 56 other countries in Sydney.

Philadelphia, USA: This city serves cuisines from 54 countries around the world.

Madrid, Spain: In the capital of Spain, the visitors can easily choose typical dishes from 53 countries around the world. The local cuisine is also fascinating as the fried potato with garlic.

Portland, USA: The city also serves food from 53 different countries. But an interesting thing is that diners can buy food right from mobile trolleys on the street.

Seattle, USA: The first Starbucks coffee opened in the city. In addition, Seattle also has tasty dishes from 53 countries.

Vancouver, Canada: The food in this city is quite diverse with dishes from 52 countries around the world. The guests can enjoy new items such as Japanese sausage and Jamaican pizza.

Brussels, Belgium: Not only famous for fries and waffles, Brussels city also serves typical dishes of 50 other countries, making it easy for international travelers to find favorite menu.

By: Mithrine Smith

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