14 wondrous rivers to visit at least once in a lifetime

From Nile to Yangtze, from Amazon to Danube, these rivers gain every visitor’s heart thanks to its majestic, poetic beauty.


The Amazon River is located in South America with a length of up to 6,992 km and the largest water flow in the world. The river’s basin is the Amazon rainforest with abundant, impressive fauna and flora. Photo: Drink Tea & Travel.


The Nile River flowing through Egypt is not only the longest river in the world, but also an endless source of inspiration for poetries with mysterious civilizations along the banks of the river. Today, you can experience fantastic trips with yachts or sailboats on the Nile. Photo: CruiseMapper.


The Brahmaputra River originates from Tibet (China), flowing strongly through India, with rich scenic changing along the banks. Photo: International Rivers.


The Mekong River flows through many countries in Southeast Asia, bringing prosperity, freshness to its banks. You can go along the river, get through the villages, the green forests or the big bustle cities. Photo: Inside Asia Tours.


The 1,320 km long Rhine River is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, which has witnessed many major changes in history. Photo: Adventures by Disney.


The Danube River is the second longest river in Europe, flowing through 10 countries, with ancient cities and beautiful coastal scenery. Photo: Smithsonianjourneys.


The Yangtze River is China's longest river and the world’s third longest river, with spectacular scenery and an important place in the economy and culture. Photo: Mundy Cruising.


The Douro River connecting Portugal’s Porto and Spain’s Salamanca will offer tourists a great trip con lively harbors and green grape valleys. Picture: Easyvoyage.


Located in the wilderness of Alaska, USA, stretching only about 132 km long, but the Kenai River has a rare majestic beauty that offers guests unforgettable experiences while kayaking, sport fishing or canoeing here. Photo: Travelmagazine.


The Chobe River, Africa is one of the wild and beautiful rivers in the world, giving visitors the opportunity to admire many fantastic animals. Photo: Safari Specialists.


Turquoise, clear water and waterfalls are impressive features of the Cahabón River in eastern Guatemala. This is also a great place for those who like kayaks with slope and swirling currents, challenging even the most experienced racers. Photo: aprendeguatemala.


The Loire River, France is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by vineyards, blooming flower gardens and beautiful castles. It is also the longest river in France, flowing through the lovely villages and sparkling cities like Angers and Blois, high bridges and sprawling fields. Photo: backroads.


Falling down at a height of 108 meters, Victoria Falls is part of Zambezi River - the fourth largest river of Africa. Not only is the fish supply to the region's 32 million inhabitants, the river is also the life source of many wild animals such as hippos, crocodiles, giraffes and elephants. Photo: zamsoc.


The Mississippi River, USA has long been an important waterway in commerce. From 1820 to 1950, it was filled with wooden boats containing cotton, food, tobacco… These old boats have now been replaced by more modern ones, but the river continues to play a major commercial role, serving as a key port of New Orleans. Photo: totalsurvival.

By: Vivian Cooper

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