13 outstanding destinations around the world for July (Part I)

With special events coming this July, the following destinations should definitely be in your must-go list.



Situated on the northwestern coast of an Italian island, Palermo is considered to be the capital of Sicily. This tourist destination was founded by the Phoenicians and was dominated by the Greeks, Arabs and Normans for a long time.

Referring to Palermo, indigenous people will envision a center of prosperity in Europe. The history of this place is mainly depicted in the unique architecture of regional buildings and languages. The flea markets and street food are always tourist attractions every time they have the opportunity to visit Palermo. When you come to Palermo in July, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the festive atmosphere of Festa di Santa Rosalia, which is the city's biggest event.



Summer of Colorado is very cool and if you are planning to avoid the hot atmosphere, this is the ideal destination for you. When you come to Colorado, you will feel more active with outdoor activities such as cycling or walking on the majestic mountains.

July is also the time when Colorado becomes more crowded with a series of celebrity events. Start with the fireworks festival and march on Independence Day, followed by the Plein Air Arts Festival, RIDE and Americana Music Festival. At the end of the month, you will be treated so well by this lovely land with Yoga Festival, Baseball Camp and Shakespeare Festival.



After the Royal Wedding event, which took place not long ago, London will continue to be even livelier with more great events. If you are a fan of Royal Family members or like to have a glimpse of the inner space of Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth's current home, get your earliest flight to the city of fog.

In July, there will be special weekends that visitors can visit the Buckingham Palace. In addition, London's flower festival is also one of the most awaited events here.



Fiji is an island in Oceania, 2,000 km northeast from New Zealand. This place is blessed with the ideal temperature at most times of the year. The cuisine of this island is also extremely rich. Even though it is local food, you will still be able to taste the flavors of European, Chinese or Indian cuisines.

Once you've arrived in Fiji, quickly immerse yourself in the blue water out there. In addition to swimming, water activities such as fishing, boating or swimming with dolphins are also enjoyed by many.



With over 50,000 islands stretching over 25,000 miles of coastline in southwestern Finland, the Archipelago is considered one of the world's most unique tourist destinations. The summer days of this sea are almost endless as sunset only really comes at 11 pm and only five hours later, dawn will knock on your bedroom door.

Traveling on the Archipelago, travelers often embark on their journey to explore the islands through the Turku Trail - the medieval capital of Finland and continue to visit the ancient architecture, the Aura River and the cathedral. Besides, you can also sail or camp by the sea to enjoy the fresh air of this wonderful region.



Greenland is dubbed the end of the Earth with the cold that can numb anybody. This place also contains many new things that not everyone has the opportunity to experience. There is certainly no place where you can sit on the yacht between the icebergs. From the deck of your ship, you will first see the view of the icebergs with various shapes slowly floating along the water.

Especially, in this land, the sun never disappears. The dishes made from indigenous people are also extremely rich. And if you want to bring Greenland home with you, some fine art will be quite interesting idea.

(to be continued)

By: Archie Henderson

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