13 destinations people should arrive in the fall

Fall is considered as the best season for travel when the weather becomes cooler. Here are the 20 perfect places that travelers can visit in the fall of 2017.

Munich, Germany


The fall of Munich is also the time of the Oktoberfest taking place with cultural events, beers and traditional German entertainment. The festival runs from mid-September to early October per year.

Lake Finger Lakes, New York, USA


This is an ideal location in New York to experience the fall of the eastern United States. Travelers can explore the vineyards and enjoy fine local wines. Apples, pumpkins and berries are another specialty of this area.

Transylvania, Romania


Bran Castle is considered as one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Transylvania in the fall. The area is also associated with stories about Frankenstein and Dracula, which attracts the curiosity of Halloween lovers.

Nashville, USA


The weather in Nashville is relatively pleasant in the fall, which makes this place become an attractive tourist destination during the season. Travelers can take part in many music and food festivals in this city.

Morton, USA


The city of Morton is considered as the capital of pumpkin, producing 85% of the world's canned pumpkin. Coming here in the fall, visitors can attend the Morton Pumpkin Festival with many activities such as pumpkin harvesting, contests and parades.

Burlington, USA


Burlington is a ‘college’ city with quiet cafes near the hall. Fall is a great time to explore the campus of The University of Vermont.

Lancaster, USA


Lancaster acquires a reputation for its unique suburban landscape. Coming here in the fall, you can enjoy fruit cakes, coffee and apple pie. In addition, Lancaster Central Market is home to local specialties.

Turks & Caicos


September and October are usually the rainy season in the Turks & Caicos. But if you ‘take the risk’, the flight to Caribbean vacation paradise is extremely cheap and the weather is relatively nice at this time.

Phoenix, USA


Cool autumn weather is an ideal time to explore the desert city of Phoenix. The Phoenix Taco Festival is held on October 14th and 15th, which offers visitors an enjoyable experience.

Salem, USA


Going to Salem in the fall, you can explore the Salem Witch museum or participate in many scary hunting tours. Halloween here is held throughout October every year.

Oaxaca, Mexico


Oaxaca is not close to the sea, but many travelers across the world visit this city especially during the Dia de los Muertos festival which is held from October 31st to November 21st.

New York, USA


This city is most beautiful in the fall, when visitors can escape the heat of the summer and relax in cool weather.

Acadia National Park, USA


Another great place to experience the fall of the United States is the Acadia National Park in the State of Maine. From here, visitors can have a chance to admire the  breathtaking view of the vast Atlantic Ocean.

By: Samanthan Lane

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