12 interesting things about Taiwan

In recent years, Taiwan has been one of the destinations of interest to travel enthusiasts. Take a look at the special things to see where you want to go or not.

"Holy land" of the night market


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According to the indigenous people, the Taiwanese night market appeared around the late nineteenth century when the Japanese came here. Initially, this was the place to trade vegetables, fish daily, has gradually become crowded and the typical culture of the people.

According to statistics, Taiwan has more than 300 small night markets. Not only pure business, night market looks like "evening street park", activities from afternoon to late, always busy both the people and tourists. For visitors, every night there is a night market exploration program.

Bubble tea


Bubble tea is known as a drink of Taiwan with a source of clean materials and a variety of unique and diverse.

It would be a mistake to come here without trying this particular drink. Fans drink bubble tea pretty much. The store is always crowded day and night. Guests are required to queue up for bubble tea.

Cycles are very popular


Taipei is well developed with a modern tram system, a popular bus with the support of public bicycles, but only meets about 60% of the demand.

With personal vehicles, Taiwan has a preference for the cycle because it takes up less space (both when it comes to traffic and stops), and uses less fuel, so emissions are less severe.



Taiwan traffic is very orderly, fewer traffic jams. Traffic cameras will record vehicle license plate numbers and send a ticket to the owner within 3 days. After 10 days, the fine will be increased if the owner fails to pay and the vehicle will be confiscated after one year from the date of notification.

Old houses


On the surface, the houses are rustic but the interior is treated according to the character of the owner. Taiwan only has a few tall buildings.


Tapei 101, the world's tallest building in 2010, is a unique complex of architecture, aesthetics, application and economy. The building is resistant to 7 degrees Richter.

Convenient stores

There are nearly 11,000 "multifunctional stores" with a full range of services from stationery, necessities, grocery, general medicine, air tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, drama tickets, music tickets, Easy card, credit, online games card, etc.

Wi-Fi is always free

Unlike many places, Wi-Fi is always expensive and Taiwan has a wide free internet system.

Cute people

Taiwanese people are friendly and hospitable right at the gate. They are always helpful, welcoming, always thankful and smiling.

Do not be afraid to be picked up the bag. People who have lost things often get their belongings, even in public places.

Special education

Taiwan education is said to be elite, distilling and inheriting American practical education and Japanese discipline. Children always go to school, self-study and self-service.

At all levels of education, kindergarten has the highest tuition fees. Taiwan has the lowest birth rate in the world, although the state does not restrict birth.

Green and advanced agriculture


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With advanced technology and people's awareness, Taiwan's agriculture has many outstanding achievements, ensuring maximum food hygiene and safety, superior productivity and reliable quality.

Supporting LGBT marriage

Taiwan supports LGBT marriage and is a pioneer in gender equality activities, from home to society. Taiwan law protects the maximum benefit of maids, most of them women.



Taiwan has the highest percentage of vegetarian people in the world. With a system of more than 6,000 stores spread throughout, people and visitors can be vegetarian anytime and anywhere.

By: Judith Edwards

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