11 of the most dangerous countries for visitors in 2018

Travel is always accompanied by risk, some countries boast attractive destinations but at the same time, the conditions of personal safety is very uncertain.

1. Colombia


Regular protests and protests in Colombia, the country's Foreign Ministry, advises travelers to be cautious about crime and terrorism. Purges, murders, armed robbery, extortion, ransom kidnapping take place here with dense frequency. The South American nation is known for its high crime rates and the nation's most dangerous classified gangs for tourists in 2018.

2. Yemen (West Asia)


Travelers are advised not to come to Yemen due to military conflict, terrorism, and civil unrest. Insurgent groups often target the abduction of foreign tourists, especially US citizens. It also has a high percentage of extremist terrorist groups operating like Al Qaeda, with bombings and shootings taking place regularly in residential areas.

3. El Salvador (Central America)


Ranked No. 3 on the list of most dangerous countries with visitors is El Salvador, the country with the highest murder rate in the world. There are many violent gangs operating here, mostly drug trafficking, arms trafficking and extortion. The security situation was so bad that the Peace Corps had to stop their activities in this country.

4. Pakistan


Pakistan's main problem lies in religious conflicts over the years, which has led to escalating violence and terrorism. The government also bans visitors to certain areas and restricts much freedom of speech.

5. Nigeria


The two main extremist groups operating in Nigeria are the Islamic State West African Province -Boko Haram, the main culprit of domestic violence. They often target crowded residential areas for attacks, armed robbery, terrorism, kidnapping, rape, etc. No surprise when Nigeria was ranked first in the list of most dangerous countries to drive on the world.

6. Venezuela


The country that produced so many Miss World has become a dangerous place for tourists in recent years, mainly due to economic exhaustion. Shortages of food, water, medicine, electricity and basic necessities have led to widespread violence and plundering, along with endless types of protests. The authorities have repeatedly issued warnings about the dangers to visitors.

7. Egypt


It is unbelievable that the country with the thousand-year pyramid is ranked seventh in the list. Violence in Egypt has been increasing with extremist organizations and IS. They pose serious threats to public destinations, the Sinai Peninsula, the western desert, and the Egyptian borders.

8. Kenya


Kenya is in the list of countries attracting visitors by nature and wildlife, but the dangers that can come at any time. The highly threatening terrorist attacks in the capital Nairobi, coupled with armed robbery and abduction, can happen anywhere in the country.

9. Honduras


This beautiful country in Central America is famous for its violence and danger. Homicide, armed robbery, extortion, street crime, arms trafficking and human trafficking are increasingly widespread. San Pedro Sula city of Honduras holds the record for the highest homicide rate, 169 per 100,000. Every day in this city three people are killed.

10. The Philippines


The Philippines has a very high crime rate, and attacks and robberies are frequent in urban areas. Several rebel groups also attacked and abducted tourists for ransom. The Sulu Islands and Marawi are famous for the gangs that produce and distribute methamphetamine.

11. Lebanon


Violence and terrorist attacks are complex in Lebanon, especially in areas near the border with Syria and Israel. Islamic extremist groups in Lebanon, such as Hezbollah and IS, have made the security situation almost unmanageable.

By: Mithrine Smith

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