10 interesting facts about Japan

This sunrise nation possesses many strange things that you may not even know.

No.1. Braille on beer cans


On the cover of the beer can has in Japanese braided letters to help the blind can understand the information recorded on it. Obviously, the blind also have the right to enjoy the beer as others do.

No.2. "Bicycle" culture


Japan is a well-populated country, so the construction of parking lots is limited. As a result, bicycles become the main means of transportation. You can freely use bicycles to tour everywhere and park your car outside the mall, train station or other areas.

No.3. Extremely modern toilet


Japan is known for its modern toilets. They are electronic toilets, using steam to clean the toilet without having to flush the toilet as usual.

No.4. Bed room with "cabin" style


This is considered one of the "crazy" inventions in Japan. Instead of the usual rooms, rooms in Japanese hotels are set up as a special cabin. They look like capsules, so do not spend too much space to build. These hotels are for everyone regardless of rich or poor, high or low class.

No.5. Sleeping on the subway


The Japanese work very hard, so they try to take advantage of time to touch work to rest. And the subway is an ideal place to sleep. No need for a chair or bed, they just put their chin on a piece of rubber and start to sleep as if they are at home.

No.6. The shortest elevator in the world


The shortest elevator in the world was built in an office store of More in Kawasaki. It only has 5 steps. Sometimes, the Japanese are also "lazy" a little.

No.7. Pillows for lonely people



In Japan there is a very special pillow only for lonely men. Going to bed with these pillows, they will feel like lying in the heart of the girl they want. Similarly, the pillows for single girls are also unique, as if they were lying on the man's body they dreamed.

No.8. Super umbrella


This umbrella seems very bulky, but it helps you avoid rain from many directions effectively.

No.9. Elevator operator


At present, most elevators do not need operators. However, in Japan, you will easily see the girls in uniform standing by the elevator to do this task.

No.10. Children wipe the floor


Parents will no longer be busy cleaning the house and not worrying about the kids too. Just let your kids wear clothes that are designed with one side of a mop and children will be free to crawl around the house and help you clean the floor quickly.

By: Stephan Swift

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