10 weird statues around the world

The world's talented sculptors created unique statues, but many have argued for their meaning.

1. The belly of the South - England:

The statue of a pregnant woman holding a sword pointing straight to the sky is one of the big statues and has a weird idea. This 25-ton bronze statue is located in Ilfracombe city (England). 

2. Angry Boy - Norway:


This sculpture is one of over 200 works of renowned sculptor Gustav Vigeland located at Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway. The statue depicts the lovely angry look of a toddler.

Another statue in Frogner Park, Norway is a statue of a man fighting four children. For many, this is a difficult subject to understand. They always wonder whether the man is attacking four children or children are attacking this man.

3. Statue of virgin mother - England:

Statue of Virgin Mary in London always makes many visitors scared out. A statue of a pregnant woman taller than 10 meters with normal body half and half section showing the entire skull, tissue, muscle as well as the fetus.

4. La Gorda - Colombia:

This statue of a woman with a chubby body is located in Plaza Santo Domingo, once a famous slave trade market. This interesting image shows the creative style of Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero.

5. L'improvisateur - France:


Located on the pedestrian street in Bandol town, this pan-flute statue is called L'improvisateur. With a radiant face, smiling toward the sea, the statue makes people and visitors believe that touching its lower place can bring good luck and fertility.

6. Roman Warrior - Spain:

This Roman warrior statue is also a work of Colombian artist Fernando Botero, located outside Human Body Museum in La Cornua. Again, Fernando uses exaggerative and asymmetrical styles in this statue: the large upper body and muscles.

7. Planet - Singapore:


This 7-ton bronze sculpture is located in Gardens by the Bay, behind the Marina Bays Sand complex. The image of a sleeping child hovering in the air shows subtlety of British sculptor Marc Quinn. This is a tourist destination should not be missed when coming to Singapore.

8. Theseus and the Minotaur - Australia:

The Archibald Fountain located in Hyde Park was designed by French sculptor Francois Sicard to commemorate the relationship between Australia and France during World War I. The three main statues show the theme of ancient Greece. In particular, the statue of Theseus and the Minotaur is the most impressive and also represents sacrifice for common interests.

9. Bad Bad Boy - Finland:

This 8.5 m statue features a little boy peeing with a surprised face. The statue was completed in August 2014 and located in the eastern harbor of Helsinki.

By: Relly Jonas

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