10 impressive villages and towns around the world

No beautiful beach, luxury hotel or modern entertainment service, these villages still leave a strong impression thanks to geographic location, fairy beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

Reine Village, Norway 


The beautiful village of Reine is located on the islet of Moskenesøya, in the Lofoten Islands, 100 km from the Arctic. With red-white houses on granite stone mountains, the village is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Visitors often choose to come here for walking, hiking and watching the aurora. Photo: Dansmoe / Pinterest. 

Manarola Village, Italy 


The picturesque village of Manarola is located on a cliff opposite the Ligurian Sea. Manarola is one of the five small villages of Cinque Terre, Italy's most famous destination. Photo: Villaroseto 

Cua Van fishing village, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam 


Cua Van fishing village is rated as the most beautiful village in the world by many famous tourist sites thanks to the charming beauty of floating houses and peaceful life, which separate from the modern noise. The people in Cua Van live by fishing and selling souvenirs to tourists. Photo: Immivietnamvisa 

Ronda, Spain 


Visitors to Ronda, a small town in the province of Málaga, the autonomous community of Andalusia, will be deeply impressed by the white houses located firmly on the top of a high cliff. Photo: Trover. 

Wadi Dawan, Yemen 


Wadi Dawan is a town and a valley lying in the desert’s heart and famous for its mud buildings. However, this is the destination that visitors should carefully consider before going because of the occurrence of some arrests and attacks on tourists. Photo: Haid Al-Jazil 

Kandovan Village, Iran 


Kandovan village is located in the mountainous area of East Azerbaijan province, Iran, also known as the "honeycomb" village. People live in houses built in the 13th century in the rock mountain. Photo: Mapio.  

Castelluccio town, Italy 


It can be said, the inhabitants in the town of Castelluccio are lucky ones because they live in a place filled with floral and grassland. The town of Castelluccio is located in Monti Sibillini National Park, so in summer, the valley turns into a colorful flower carpet with millions of blooming wildflowers. Photo: Vacilando / Pinterest. 

Gásadalur village, Denmark 


Gásadalur is a small village on the rocky cliffs of Vágar Island, Faroe Islands. The road to the village is very tough, so few people live here. In 2012, statistics shows that the village has only 18 inhabitants who live by fishing. Traffic is not convenient, so the village keeps the natural peace and not affected by the modern life outside. Photo: SeeYouGuys. 

The town of Bonifacio, France 


Bonifacio is a town located on the southern tip of Corsica, on a 60m high vertical cliff. Under the town is the deep blue ocean. The 7-level buildings with medieval architecture and breathtaking views make the town an excellent destination for visitors. Photo: Teo Holland. 

Coober Pedy town, Australia 


Coober Pedy is a deeply underground town which can avoid day heat and cold temperatures at night. In addition to housing, the town has museums, churches, art galleries, amusement parks and bars. They even have a hotel for rent, serving those who want to experience underground life. Photo: Rezdy. 

By: Christina Baker

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