10 tourist destinations to welcome Christmas worldwide

Visiting Copenhagen, New York or Hong Kong, travelers will have a good chance to enjoy a true Christmas with bustling markets, street lights, warm and cosy atmosphere.

Here are 10 perfect places to welcome Christmas across the world that will give you unforgettable moments.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen - a vibrant city which is considered as one of the Scandinavia’s most affordable cities. In addition, this city is renowned as a small and friendly city, so there are more pedestrians than cars. This makes people travel easily to go to the markets, or shopping streets. During Christmas, the city's Tivoli Gardens is adorned with millions of lights and pines, which becomes the perfect background for travelers’ photographs. Photo: Picpicx.

Dublin, Ireland


The streets of Dublin are filled with the cheerful Christmas atmosphere, with splendid lights, skating rinks and local people singing hymns in St. Patrick Church. Photo: Hotelsireland.

Salzburg, Austria


As for many people, Salzburg is a must-see travel destination when visiting Austria, especially during Christmas. In addition, this beautiful city features ancient baroque architecture, lush pine woods and impressive musical legacy. Photo: Koeniggut-salzburg.

Nuremberg, Germany


Nuremberg acquires a reputation for its bustling Christmas Market in Hauptmarkt. In additon, the market has more than 180 stalls selling a wide range of products, a variety of toys, decorations and delicious food. In the evening, the warmth of the lights makes this destination become more mysterious. Photo: Roughguides.

New York, USA


New York ‘wears’ a magnificent dress for this important holiday. From the Rockefeller Center to the street side shops, December is considered as wonderful time in New York. Photo: Roughguides.

Berlin, Germany


Every year, the capital of Germany opens more than 50 Christmas markets across the county. In addition, visitors can visit many museums and have an opportunity to attend special cultural events dedicated to this feast. Photo: Roughguides.

Rome, Italy


You can live in a city that has a history of more than 2,000 years and has yet to be explored. It is believed that Rome is like a huge museum with a unique culture and fine local cuisine. Christmas is traditionally held in Rome and more spiritual. Photo: Mauriziorellini.

Lapland, Finland


Welcoming Christmas in Santa's hometown is a memorable experience for both children and adults. Santa Claus Village and Santa park are like a fairytale park in December, which has attracted a large number of visitors all year round. Photo: Roughguides.

Montréal, Canada


Christmas in world's second-largest city - Canada has an intersection between European and American styles, with the scene which is brightly colored. Photo: Roughguides.

Hong Kong, China


This wonderful city shines on Christmas, with glittering lights, beautifully decorated shops and music everywhere. Photo: Roughguides.

By: Samanthan Lane

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