10 strange villages and towns in the world

The metropolis where the people live underground or the village of the dwarves in China is a strange place to live in the world.


Coober Pedy town, Australia:

Coober Pedy is an underground mining town and was established in 1915. The mining workers here decided to build the site because of the temperature on the ground can be up to 51 degrees Celsius. The town has underground shops, churches, galleries and even the first 4 star hotels in the world.


Chefchaouen town, Morocco:

Chefchaouen is a tourist attraction, located northeast of Morocco, with most of the houses and streets painted in blue. In Jewish culture, blue is a sacred color. So, by the 1930s, the Jews living in Chefchaouen painted the blue for the entire town and the tradition was maintained today.


Colma town, California, USA:

Colma is home to 17 cemeteries with 1.5 million graves, but only about 1,800 people live there. This happened because Colma was the burial site of the San Francisco residents who died after San Francisco decided not to build new cemeteries.


Dwarf village, China:

No resident of this special village is taller than 130 cm. The people here have built the village as a place to avoid scoffers and rumors about their looks. Today, the village is complete with police and fire brigades. At the same time, the people here decided to build their houses in unique shape, making this place become a tourist attraction and generate income for themselves.


Setenil de las Bodega, Spain:

Setenil de las Bodega was built under giant basalt rocks and are a popular tourist attraction in Spain. When walking on the roads here, instead of seeing the sky, visitors will see boulders above their heads, and they have been there for centuries.


Longyearbyen town, Svalbard, Norway:

This is one of the world's northernmost settlements and one where people can not die. In this town, there is a cemetery but has not been used for 70 years. The reason for this strange thing is that because the icy climate here prevents the decomposition of dead bodies and makes them attractive to many wildlife species, so the people here are prepared to die in the soil of Norway.


Tai Chi-Town, China:

It is about 32 km from Shanghai, and is known as the Thames - is a perfect replica of an English town with gravel roads, ancient architecture and red public telephone booths. Completed in 2006, this town is almost uninhabited and becomes a favorite wedding spot for many couples.


Roswell town, New Mexico, USA:

This small town in New Mexico is also known as the "UFO Town". Residents claim that an unidentified flying object appeared in town in 1947 and since then has built the town with UFO ideas including the McDonald's, flying saucer. In addition, this place holds a UFO festival every summer.


Elista, Kalmykia, Russia:

Elista is also known as the "chess city" and is an attractive place for chess lovers. The entire city was built under the theme of chess, even in the middle of the city square, there was a huge chess board.


Miyake-Jima Island, Japan:

Residents of this island town are paid by the government to live there. Since a volcano is in operation, people have been exposed to unusually high levels of sulfur in the air and are at risk of poisoning. Therefore, they are required to always carry a respirator mask and use them when the alarm sounds.

By: Oralie Smith

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