10 secrets of 5-star hotels you may not know

The customers will be better served if you tip the staff, you information is secured and you do not know the death room is in a 5-star hotel.

Social status is paid attention


Cameron Nezam, head of business development department at Rosewood Hotels & Resorts and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (the US), said the social status would bring attention and give more priorities to the customers.

If you are a high-class guest, VIP or potential guest, your name is always on the list of customers who enjoy special offers. The specialties, preferences and special needs of these guests are always remembered by the hotel and based on that to serve the best.

Before you arrive, the hotel staff knows who you are

The staff of five-star hotel has the role of seeking information of customers coming to rent room. Information includes who it is, position, personal preference, illness status, special personal note.

Customer's behavior is documented

If you are a guest who takes extreme actions, prefer to sleep in a room near an elevator, or just use a wooden spoon, these are always recorded in a hotel customer database.

These help the hotel staff get more personal information and will be better served next time. Getting this information helps the hotel arrange rooms, meals and other complementary services appropriately.

Mustn’t enter the room if the sign "do not disturb" appears


This is the first customer service rule at every five-star hotel. When you hang out the sign "Do not disturb" the hotel staff will absolutely not knock the door, whether it is cleaning time. Even if a staff who violates this rule is referred to as a "legal issue".

There are free rooms available for influencers

People who influence the public like politicians, movie stars, musicians or a famous blogger will usually be in the room for free. The simple reason is that the hotel often receives a compliment or some "check in" photos on the guests' pages. And that's how advertising is so effective.

Information about customers is confidential


Among the rules working at the five-star hotel for the hotel staff, there is a special provision of "not disclose customer information". For a variety of reasons, celebrities often do not subscribe to their rooms by their real names, they use aliases. The staffs must maintain the confidentiality of the tenant's information in all circumstances, except as required by the police.

You will be treated better if you 'tip' the staff


The "tip culture" in each country is not the same, but generally tenants will often be more caring if they are more generous in giving tips.

Luxury hotels also have cockroaches

Do not let white bed sheet and glittering lobby fool you that there are no cockroaches and rats. In fact, wherever food is available, there are cockroaches and rats although it is a five-star hotel.

Never advertise all their services


Every good hotel has some preferential services, but they do not advertise because they do not want their customers to use them.

For example, champagne, strawberry chocolate dessert, special decorations in the room, free breakfast and even upgraded rooms.

If someone dies in the hotel, you will never know

To be fair, the hotel is not just a place for renters to rest. Many cases choose hotels to commit suicide. Several deaths were reported in the hotel due to drug shock, old age, poisoning or being killed. But you will never know it.

By: Gitta Russell

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