10 reasons why you should go to Nepal once in your life

Nepal is a land of people who love to experience and conquer. This country doesn't have a lot of luxurious places, but many natural landscapes and impressive monuments.

Shopping at cheap prices


Nepal is a popular tourist destination. In particular, Thamel is a shopping district, attracting a large number of tourists in Kathmandu. Tourists can buy things, clothes, musical instruments, climbing gear, souvenirs, fresh vegetables, fruit, pastries, etc.  With discount policy to attract tourists, you can easily find transportation and accommodation at the "pleasant" price here.

 Traveling at cheap expenses


For the tourists, the worry is the cost of travel. However, in Nepal, travel costs are very cheap. When you come to this country, you can choose different means depending on where you want to go and how you want to experience it. Guests can find taxis in popular tourist destinations like Patan, Bhaktaopur. Alternatively, you can rent an electric or gas powered tempo in the cities or cyclos in the old town of Kathmandu and Terai.

Enjoying beautiful lakes

Phewa Lake

Nepal has more than 200 lakes made up of glaciers. When you arrive in Pokhara, you can visit Phewa Lake, south of Pokhara Valley. The lake reflecting the shadow of the mountain Fish Tail impresses with tourists. You can also organize picnics in the Queen's Forest and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the sunset. Anyone who wants to explore can rent a boat to sail on the lake.

Forgetting the hustle and bustle

Pokhara is a city with many beautiful lakes.

If you are looking for a place to relax, Nepal is the place to be. In particular, Nagarkot is a place to help tourists escape the noise of the city. In general, the areas in Nepal are quiet and peaceful, except for Kathmandu, which is quite crowded.

Feeling an old Nepal at Patan Museum


This is a tourist attraction when coming to Nepal. Here you will feel the past and step into where the Royal Nepalese once lived. In the museum, the windows and doors are gilded. Patan has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Visiting Kathmandu Valley


The Kathmandu Valley has many UNESCO-recognized World Heritage sites. When visiting Nepal, you do not miss the Kathmandu Valley. UNESCO World Heritage Sites include the Hindu Pashupati Temple, Changyar Narayan Temple, Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Square, Patan Museum, Buddhist stupas of Swayambhu and Bauddhanath.

Watching the sacred river


Gandaki River is considered one of the sacred rivers of the country. Standing by the river, visitors can watch Mahendra Gufa. This is a limestone cave with unique shape stalactites. The Gandaki River is also an important site for Hindu followers.

Exploring the Himalayas

Climbing is a popular experience in Nepal, especially from February to May and from September to November. The northern part of Nepal is made up of the Himalayan Mountains with mountain peaks over 20,000m above sea level. You can come here to climb mountains and overcome your abilities.

Conquering Mount Everest


With the clear blue sky, beautiful weather, December is a good time to explore Mount Everest. Mount Everest is located in the Himalayas. In particular, the base camp is located at an altitude of 5.364m, while the highest peak is "the roof of the world" at a height of more than 8,000m.

Visiting the National Museum of Nepal


With a collection of artifacts dating back thousands of years to history, culture and archeology, the National Museum of Nepal is a good place for anyone who wants to learn about history. If this place is not your passion then when entering here will feel the atmosphere is completely different from the crowded Kathmandu streets.

By: Gitta Russell

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