10 places that visitors pay for behind-iron-door experience

Around the world, there were places where prisoners were incarcerated but today they have become the access point of thousands of visitors each day to enjoy dinner or stay.

The Jailhouse Craft Beer Bar


Address: Buena Vista, Colorado, USA

After stepping through the old iron door, you can savor one of 10 hand-crafted beers at the Jailhouse Craft Beer Bar, located in Buena Vista. The building was made of wood and stone furniture dating from the 1880s was once a camp and became a prison and finally the place to present the fragrant beer today.



Address: Kula, Hawaii, USA

Wines may not be the first drink you see in Hawaii, but MauiWine has produced six different types of wine, including red wine, white wine and pineapple in the hills of Haleakala since 1974. In 1850, the house was built as an office for Captain James Makee and nicknamed "The Old Jail" by the offenders in the plantations who would be detained there before being transferred to the county jail.

Southern Grace Distilleries


Address: Mount Pleasant, North Carolina, United States

Housed in a prison near Charlotte operating from 1929 to 2011, the Southern Grace Distilleries produces whiskey barrels and is ready to serve visitors right after the bar. Visitors can also take part in a prison tour including guard towers, empty cellars and basketball courts for prisoners to kill time. Interestingly, the Whiskey Prison After Dark Tour, where visitors will have to wait until nightfall and drink in the dark atmosphere with just a small flashlight.

Seaside Brewing Company


Address: Seaside, Oregon, USA

Owners of the Seaside Brewing Company remodeled the Old Seaside City Jail brickyard to produce delicious beers in the city on the northern coast of Oregon. Beers like IPA Lockup are poured from the tap on the brick wall.

Jailhouse Brewing Company


Address: Hampton, Georgia, USA

The two-storey prison from the 1920s also served as the home for many of the visitors. After being repaired internally, it has become the Jailhouse Brewing Company, a brewery opening all year with well-known beers such as Conjugal Visit, Alibi and Incarceration. It is rumored that in prison there is a ghost called Old John often appear and to join with visitors in the party night.

Boone County Jail Distillery


Address: Lebanon, Indiana, USA

As a wooden structure built in 1833, Boone County Jail has been upgraded and moved several times. Used as a jail in a small metropolis near Indianapolis until 1992. Then, the Boone County Jail turned into a distillery with whiskey, vodka, gin and rum on the list with the label of Warden's Reserve Whiskey and Coujugal Visit Rum. The second floor of the building is Cell Block 104 Restaurant & Bar where you dine Italian style and behind bars are the old narrow cells.

Liberty Hotel


Address: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Built in 1851, Charles Street Jail closed in 1990 and transformed into the 298-room Liberty Hotel, located at the foothills of Beacon, Boston, Massachusetts. The stone walls in the heart of the hotel are still retained from the detention including a walk along the high ceilings. 

Alcatrazl Hotel


Address: Kaiserlautern, Germany

Alcatraz in Kaiserlautern, Germany served as a prison in 1867. So far, there are still some leftovers such as the reception area with black cages, the bar on the window sills and the cellars now transformed into 56 guest rooms.

Het Arresthuis


Address: Roermond, Netherlands

Het Arresthuis was built in 1863 and was used for detention until 2007. Today, after being transformed into a hotel, the rooms are also renovated and divided into: Comfort Cell and Deluxe Cell. In addition, the Cell Block has iron doors and pathways that can be used for special events and parties.



Address: Oxford, United Kingdom

Fort Norman was built in 1071 and expanded and then part of the building was used as a prison until 1998. Today, this place has become Malmaison, a unique hotel with 95 rooms in which 38 rooms in the left wing are built from cells with iron bars and narrow skylights.

By: Mithrine Smith

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