10 of the most gorgeous spring flower fields in the world

As the weather warms up, nature starts to change in the colors of bluebells, tulips and wild flowers.

No.1. Persian Buttercup in Carlsbad, California 


Each year in March, when it starts in the spring, 50 hectares of Persian Buttercup blooms with colorful flowers, attracting a lot of visitors to go here. 

No.2. Tulip in Hillegom, Netherlands 


Nowhere can you see the tulips more beautiful than the Netherlands. From March to May each year, the tulip festival takes place at the largest European tulip garden in Keukenhof. The park is situated between Hillegom and Lisse towns of Amsterdam city. Anyone is fascinated by the millions of colorful flowers in the warm spring weather

No.3. Nemophila flower in Hitachi Park, Japan 


There are many types of flowers in the Hitachi Park, but the most distinctive are the blue Nemophia flowers in the spring. The flowers are from blue to purple, about 25cm high, so it is like a land plunged into the sea of flowers. 

No.4. Canola in China 


From February to March, the canola fields in China begin to bloom. The whole wide field shines brightly in yellow, feeling as if it reaches the horizon. 

No.5. Tulip in Skagit Valley, Washington 


The Skagit Valley is famous for its gorgeous tulip fields. Hundreds of tulip species begin to bloom in April, which makes Skagit an ideal spring destination for anyone coming to Washington for this time. 

No.6. Bluebell in Hallerbos Forest, Belgium 


In April, bluebell fields begin to bloom throughout the Hallebos Forest of Belgium. The forest is like a blue flower carpet makes anyone feel surprised by the beauty of nature. 

No.7. Pink moss at Hitsujiyama Park, Japan 


Shibazakura or Pink moss is a special flower in Japan. Shibazakra Festival is usually held at Hitsujiyama Park. Here, visitors can admire the breathtaking beauty of the blooming pink flowers with the image of Mount Fuji in the distance. 

No.8. Yellow poplar in Antelope Valley, California 


Whenever the weather began to change to spring, poppy flowers in Antelope Valley, California bloom and turn the entire valley into a brilliant yellow. 

No.9. Bluebonnet in Willow, Texas 


Named after its blue, bluebonnet flowers are abundant in Texas. The flowers begin to bloom in spring, along the sides of the road throughout central and southern Texas. Bluebonnet has been the symbolic flower of Texas since 1901. 

No.10. Wildflower in Namaqualand, South Africa 


Namaqualand, the land where most of the time during the year is semi-arid desert has only a few colors and is not very attractive to tourists. Suddenly, it transforms itself in the spring and wildflowers start to bloom brightly. 

By: Scarlet Johnson

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