10 of the most famous fresh food markets in the world

These markets are always attracting visitors when setting foot in the new land. You are able to not only experience the culture, but also enjoy many delicious dishes.


La Boqueria Market in Barcelona, Spain:

Formed in the 13th century, the Mercado de la Boqueria market has become one of the most beautiful outdoor markets in the world. Situated in the busy La Rambla Street, La Boqueria Market is a popular lunch stop for tourists. The restaurants here have fresh seafood and typical Mediterranean dishes.


Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan:

Tsukiji Market in Tokyo is the largest fish and seafood retail market in the world. The market has more than 400 varieties, from cheap seaweed to sea urchins and caviar costing hundreds of dollars. This is also one of the major attractions of Tokyo where visitors can watch the tuna auctions.


Outside the market, the visitors have the opportunity to buy seafood and other food, as well as enjoy sashimi in the early morning. However, this fish market will soon have to move due to plans to prepare for the Olympic Games 2020 of Japan.


Farmer's Market in Times Square, New York City, USA:

In the 1970s, this was a pretty shabby area, with many criminals. Then a farmer's market is opened and a new life is born. The market gathers farmers, fish sellers, bakers, butchers in the area, as well as attracting more than 60,000 customers a day.


Or Tor Kor Market, Bangkok, Thailand:

Located near the Chatuchak market, Or Tor Kor sells Thai fruits and vegetables as well as imported products from Asian countries.. The market is quite clean and visitors can easily find seafood, candy and cooked products.



St. Lawrence Market, Toronto, Canada:

This is the best shopping destination for visitors to Canada. This is where you can buy products grown and produced in Ontario, such as farm produce, homemade baked goods, freshly baked bread and deer and other local products.


Borough Market, London, England:

Located near Southwark, Borough Market has been in operation since 1755, but only became famous in the 19th century. Selling fresh fruits, cheese and breads of the region, this market is home to many fine restaurants.


Kreta Ayer Market, Singapore:

Kreta Ayer Market is located in Singapore's Chinatown, known for its neatness and cleanliness. This market sells many kinds of fresh vegetables from Asia like green peas. You will also find special foods such as frogs, live turtles, salted eggs, herbs and tofu.


Lancaster Central Market, Pennsylvania, USA:

This historic market was born in the 1730s and was licensed by King George II in 1742. Until now, the market still attracts many tourists to shop handmade products and food of the local Amish community.


Provencal Market, Antibes, France:

Located in the ancient town of Antibes, the Provencal market offers a variety of local dishes from the Provence region. Guests will have the opportunity to learn the art of French cooking. In the afternoon, local artisans sell their products, from ceramics, woodblocks to self-painted paintings.


Kowloon Market, Hong Kong:

The market sells high quality foods from a variety of fresh imported meats to local produce and vegetables.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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