10 of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world

Lighthouses have played an extremely important role in cruises since the ancient time. They are always a good sign for sailors from 268 BC.

Most of the lighthouses are not used for its original purpose nowadays due to the development of modern technology, but they still shine as a symbol of the beauty on the coast. 

1. Lindau Lighthouse, Germany 


Lindau Lighthouse is located at the southern tip of Germany, on Lake Constance. It is a Middle-Ages-style lighthouse built in 1856. 

2. Hercules Lighthouse, Spain 


The oldest lighthouse in the world remains intact. It was built in the ancient Roman era in the 1st century AD and is recognized by UNESCO as a world material heritage. The tower is located right at the gateway to La Coruña harbor of north-west Spain. 

3. Low Lighthouse, England 


Low is the only lighthouse to be still operated in the Burnham Sea, England. This beautiful wooden lighthouse with 9 beautiful “wooden legs” is the visitors’ favorite destination to take photo. 

4. Lighthouse on Bodie Island, North Carolina, United States 


The lighthouse is located in North Carolina, with a height of over 155 feet, so its light can spread up to 19 miles. 

5.  Fanad Lighthouse, Ireland 


This beautiful tower built in 1917 is located in a very romantic place in County Donegal, Ireland. Not only is this lighthouse beautiful but Donegal was also voted one of the greatest places in the planet in 2017. 

6. Lighthouse in Chania, Greece 


A lighthouse was built in the Egyptian style in the late 16th century. It was destroyed during the Ottoman Empire and was rebuilt from 1824 to 1832 on the old ground itself. 

7. Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon, United States 


The lighthouse is considered to be the brightest towers of the Oregon coast, as well as one of the most popular lighthouses in the United States. It was repaired and turned into a tourist resort. 

8. Lighthouse on Mouro Island, Spain 


Located on the northern coast of Spain, the Mouro lighthouse is located on the uninhabited island of the same name. 

9. Diamond Head Lighthouse, Hawaii, USA  


Diamond Head lighthouse is located right near the famous Diamond Head volcano of Hawaii, Honolulu. The tower was built to warn American warships and civilian ships to keep away from the nearby Waikiki coral reef. 

10. Lighthouse on the Kovalam coast, India 


The lighthouse on the Kovalam coast is located on a rocky hill with green coconut palms, and below is the golden sand beach adjacent to the blue sea. This is also a popular tourist destination in the world. Visitors have to climb 142 steps to reach the top of the tower and you may enjoy the beautiful view of the blue sea, the island of Poovar and the mosque Beemapalli from here. 

By: Christina Baker

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