10 of the most beautiful ceilings in the world

Alhambra Palace in Spain or Forbidden City in China is one of many beautiful buildings with impressive ceilings that make visitors stand for hours to admire.

Alhambra Palace (Spain)


The famous Alhambra Palace was built in the 13th century in southern Spain in the architectural style of Islamic Narsid from the architecture, culture, history to the beautiful harmony. In particular, the dome of the Sala de los Abencerrajes is exquisitely engraved with ivory, precious stones and many abstract statues.

Pantheon Temple (Italy)


The Pantheon - "Temple of All Gods" was built between 118 and 126 under the reign of King Hadrianus, impressing visitors with 12 large marble pillars and a dome at the main building. The ceiling has a spherical shape, 43.2 m in diameter, with many holes and pillars for relaxing feeling. In particular, the ceiling has a circular hole of 8.92m in diameter, which is thought to get sunlight for this work.

Sagrada Familia (Spain)


The Sagrada Familia is considered to be the masterpiece of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. This work was started construction in the late 19th century, so far not completed although its creator has long died. The combination of traditional Gothic and modern ArtNouveau creates a special visual effect for anyone visiting this cathedral. The ceiling is sophisticated and many small oval doors. The sunlight shining through these doorways creates a beautifully colored effect, like the dream world.

Shah Faisal Mosque (Isfahan, Iran)


Shah Faisal Mosque is a Persian architectural masterpiece, built between 1611 and 1629. The entrance of the church was impressed by the outstanding height and beautiful domes. The green color is beautiful and the shape of the complex, picky makes visitors have to stop for a long time to see before entering the door.

Ranakpur Temple (India)


Visitors can spend hours just looking at the ceiling of Ranakpur temple of the Jain sect in India. The temple is located in the Arvallis Valley, West India was built in the 15th century to worship Adinatha. Temple area is very large, nearly 4,500 m2 with many different works and the pillars which are laid everywhere.

Forbidden City (China)


Forbidden City is the palace for the Qing Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty of China in the past. This is the most famous and attractive destination in China.

Nasir ol Mosk Mosque (Iran)


Another beautiful building in Iran is the Nasir ol Mosk Mosque in Shiraz city. This place makes visitors feel like a paradise in the dawn and late afternoon when the sunlight penetrates through the dome and walls with thousands of colored glass doors.

Bundestag Building (Germany)


Modern style lovers will surely enjoy the opportunity to sit inside the Bundestag building in Germany. Curent modern building is built on an old building called the Reichtag, which is the parliament building of the German Empire.

Canterbury Cathedral (England)


Canterbury was rebuilt and completed on an old foundation from 1070 to 1077. This is one of the oldest and most famous Christian works in this country. The roof is a wonderful blend of Gothic and Romanesque style.

Library of Trinity College Dublin (England)


Trinity Dublin is the oldest college in England, founded in 1592. The college is proud of its leading academic record and its library of over 200,000 books. Besides, the wonderful architecture of the library attracts not only the students but also the world tourists to come here.

By: Oralie Smith

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