10 of the longest caves waiting for you to explore

Like the natural wonders deep down in the underground, these caves always attract adventurous travelers to conquer.


Mammoth (USA) - 651.8 km:

Arriving in Kentucky State, USA, you cannot miss the famous Mammoth Cave, which is full of attractive natural beauty. It has long been used by some Native Americans in some areas as burial places. Mammoth Cave is a national park of the same name, recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage site in 1981.


Sistema Sac Actun (Mexico) - 347.8 km:

As an underwater cave, Sistema Sac Actun is located in Mexico's Quintana Roo state. Not only is the beauty enchanting, but this cave system is also a significant archaeological site, helping to decipher a number of different cultures.


Jewel (USA) - 289.7 km:

Located in South Dakota State, Jewel Cave was discovered by two men in 1900, when they felt a cool airflow through a small hole in the ground. It is filled with unique calcite crystals arranged by the surface of the cave, so it was called the place’s name. There are many tours designed to bring visitors to explore this interesting destination.


Sistema Ox Bel Ha (Mexico) - 257.1 km:

This amazing cave’s name in Quintana Roo State means 3 underwater walkways. It is one of the most important sources of fresh water in the region. The ideal time to visit Sistema Ox Bel Ha is summer because the climate is quite suitable to explore different areas in the cave and enjoy diving.


Optymistychna (Ukraine) - 235.9 km:

Discovered in 1966, this magnificent cave of Ukraine is tried to preserve in the most "primitive" state, without the presence of electricity or concrete walks. cardboard. From 2010, visitors can explore the huge, beautiful maze of Optymistychna.


Wind (USA) - 229.7 km:

Wind Cave is located in South Dakota State, which was soon recognized by Native Americans. It is considered a sacred place of many tribes. Discovered in 1881, this world's most complex cave is famous for its rare honeycomb geological form.


Lechuguilla (USA) - 222.6 km:

Located in New Mexico State, this cave of limestone and gypsum made many people surprised by the strange and rare beauty. It was not until 1986 that this place was mostly known as a small, quite important historical site. From this milestone, groundbreaking expeditions have yielded amazing results, making Lechuguilla world-famous.


Gua Air Jernih (Malaysia) - 215.3 km:

Gua Air Jernih cave system or Clearwater in Sarawak owns an underground river and beautiful rock structure. This site is located in Gunung Mulu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. It is considered Gua Air Jernih as one of the typical examples of a cave with a tropical underground river.


Fisher Ridge (USA) - 200.5 km:

In Kentucky State, the complex cave system Fisher Ridge was discovered in 1981. According to researchers, the cave is constantly influenced by the development and expansion of the underground rivers. Also, people have found here many unique traces related to ancient people.


Holloch (Switzerland) - 200.4 km:

Located in the Muotathal region remaining many wild features of Switzerland, Holloch is considered a precious natural treasure. Discovered in 1875, this cave system in the world today becomes an interesting tourist destination. Visitors can explore through caves in very narrow positions by bending down to pass.

By: Jonath Martin

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