10 most epic beaches on Earth (Part I)

FlightNetwork has listed the most beautiful beaches in the world, including such special places as the Bahamas pink sand beach or the coast of shipwrecks in Greece.


Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos, England: Grace Bay in the Caribbean Islands tops the list of the world's best beaches by FlightNetwork. According to the travel website, beaches on Providenciales Islands have up to 319 sunny days a year and receive maximum points due to its unspoiled beauty and the quality of sand and sea. In addition, about 1.6 km from the coast, there are brilliant coral reefs attracting many visitors. Photo: Gracebaycottages.


Whitehaven Beach, Australia: The beach on the tropical island of Whitsunday, off the Queensland coast more than 1,400 kilometers northeast of Brisbane, is in second place. The sandy beach stretches over 6 km, and thus it is highly rated for the pristine beauty and the quality of water and sand. The beach has an average of 292 sunny days per year and can only be visited by boat or by plane. Photo: Australia.


Anse Lazio Beach, The Seychelles: At number 3 is Anse Lazio in The Seychelles, an archipelago about 1,000 miles east of Kenya. The beach on Praslin Island is backed by lush coconut palms and unusual granite boulders and faces the vibrantly blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Crystal clear water and lush coconut palms backed by granite boulders. The beach scored a perfect 10 for sheer untouched beauty, a 9 for sand and water quality and a 7 for remoteness. It has, on average, 226 days of sunshine per year. Blogger Kiersten, of The Blonde Abroad, writes: 'The white sand, emerald waters, and lush jungle are pure paradise'.


Pink Sands Beach, The Bahamas: Pink Sands Beach in The Bahamas places 4th. The three-mile beach on Harbour Island is about 350 miles east of Miami, Florida. The beach received a perfect 10 for sand and water quality and an 8 for both sheer untouched beauty and remoteness. The beach receives 223 days of sunshine per year, on average. Blogger Stephanie White writes: 'The island has a stunning pastel pink sand beach which adds a dreamy feeling to the atmosphere. The best part is this dreamscape is your reality on Harbour Island'.


Navagio Beach, Greece: The 5th  place is the Mediterranean coast beach on the island of Zakynthos in Greece. This particular coastline is the place where many shipwrecks occured. Each year, there are about 275 sunny days and are highly regarded for its natural beauty, location as well as the quality of water and sand. Visitors from around the world come to Navagio to explore the famous shipwrecks, watch the beautiful blue water with white cliffs and poetic sandy stretches. Photo: Travelandleisure.

By: Christina Baker

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