10 beautiful mountain ranges in Europe attracting international travelers

The famous Belgian photographer - Johan Lolos spent five months travelling throughout Europe to record the beauty of every famous landmark.


Johan has explored Europe several times to learn about photography himself. He spent five months traveling throughout Europe to record the beauty of every famous landmark. After many years of exploring the remote places, he realized that the beauty of "suffocation" still existed in the birthplace where he grew up.

The mountains surrounding the Meteora Monastery in central Greece are described by photographers as "amazing" by the marvelous rock formations of the great pillars. Johan insisted that this is where you should see with your own eyes. 


When coming to the countryside of the Republic of Slovenia, Johan realizes how clean and peaceful this place is. 


The sunset is recorded at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen ski resort, Bavaria, Germany. Johan shared that the sky was like a smoke that night, the sun shining so bright that everything was pink. 


The valley in The National Park in Albania is such a wonderful and unexpected stopover in Johan's journey. Only the hikers who explore this area can find this scene. 


It’s difficult to confuse the most beautiful Dolomites in Italy, part of the Alps with any other mountain. It is no coincidence that many world-famous photographers are inspired by this place. 


Watching Iceland's plateau from above is one of Johan's lifelong dreams. Photographers are fascinated by the unique terrain created by the rivers that surround the volcanic crater and vast prairies. 


Plitvice Lakes National Park in central Croatia left a special impression on Johan. According to him, coming here at the busiest time of the year is not a good idea. They had to queue 90 minutes in front of the entrance. Visitors are attracted by the green forest filled with singing birds and clear water.


The Lofoten Islands in Norway were recorded by Johan at 1 o'clock. He was fascinated when the sun hovered over the horizon, shining on the vast mountains of brilliant yellow. From the early days of European explorations, Johan has become accustomed to falling asleep on the day, waking up at night to catch the best photos. 


Johan did not know what to expect at the top of the Aiguille du Midi, part of the French Alps. But the scene the photographer admired exceeded his expectations, "the light and clouds in the mountains are so perfect," said Johan.


The Matterhorn is located between the Swiss border and Italy famous for its majestic almost symmetrical peak. The Matterhorn is perfectly reflected under the surface of the lake in the photograph of a Belgian photographer. 

By: Relly Jonas

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